The Universe is Rigged in Your Favor

Spoiler alert: Everything's working out exactly as you need. That's because you attract a certain energy that manifests your lesson plan. Your consciousness exists in many levels, and on the highest level there's nothing but love! So all your lessons down here are coming from this level. Yes, I'm talking about everything. Because I've seen people break through to the other side of their pain and it's absofuckinlutely incredible!

What you might not have known (until now) is that there's a secret formula to this process. That means you get to turn it around and make the lesson plan work for you. It's like this--there's this whole universe, and it just happens to favor life in just the right places. You're already in the right place! When you focus on this with love and gratitude, you will see things differently.

You can see beyond perceived reality to creator consciousness. Everything is dancing energy, so when you dance with this flow, you manifest what you desire. And just how the energy dances is its code. Like information in a computer, it's all programmable. And you just happen to have a very powerful interface. Your coding is much like the universe's. As above, so below. 

Your subconscious is your machine language. Your beliefs and behaviors are all coded in here. You can interface with the world around you and at the same time, alter your reality. It's fully interactive. You choose how to see things, how to react (or respond), and how to level up. To do so, you start to see how your programming works. How have you gotten the results you've gotten up till now, and what underlying patterns are there attracting that energy? Specifically, what beliefs are present? Are they limiting, or are they empowering?

You can flip the switch of what limited you in the past just like turning on a light. You can change how you see the world and how you see yourself, and that changes what you attract. I'm not just talking about saying nice self-talk, I'm talking about finding the root of it all, seeing how you're wired up around it, and then rewiring with more positive patterns.

And your biology is made to respond. Your brain is made to rewire itself. Neuroplasticity is real! You're not stuck in any pattern anymore. And your cells respond too. Even inside them, your DNA is activates as switches are turned on and off because they respond to your environment. Your DNA controls nothing--you control your DNA!

These are just a sample of different levels of consciousness you're not only capable of, you're actually controlling them right now. So wouldn't you want to make life better as your awareness expands further? Imagine being able to manifest everything your heart desires. Visualize yourself stepping into archetypes of angels and other intelligent life.

Here's another secret: Your brain is wired up to handle thoughtstream with way more bandwidth than what your getting now. Like with cell phones and computers, the hardware we currently have far surpasses the software. It can handle more, but software needs to go back to machine language to write new systems that work better with the hardware that already exists right now. You wanna learn to upgrade your shit? This is about getting connected and doing just that!

Now that you know, take the next step. There are others willing to help you every step of the way, once you make that first step. And whatever step that is, it will be perfect for you. You can find guidance from your angels. You can find purpose. Soul mates. You can find the new science that's centered on how the mind is rewired around new positive empowering patterns. And you can dance with the universe baby!

To find out more, join my crew for 1 day of language and life transformation on March 18, then check out angel channelling and talk to your angels on March 25. See? Everything does happen on purpose!


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