The Universe is Sending Love!

Can it be scientifically proven that the universe is made of love? Will a more complete understanding of science allow us to see beyond our minds and our emotions, and let us to see ourselves for what we really are? Guess What? I have good news! Because we CAN use science to discover the underlying energy of the universe. And when we do, we see ourselves as a physical manifestation of this grand creation of love – because each of us is the universe in its entirety! Guess what else? The time is now!

Let’s take a look at light. Do you think light is made of just photons? Photons are merely the physical reflection, in the form of both particles and waves, of basic quanta of information. Photons are also a step in the evolution of the universe! But deep down, the information encoded in each photon – to shine, to evolve, to interact – is coming from something we have yet to observe. But we know it’s there. And we can observe electromagnetic energy.

In our minds, energy is split into four basic categories in modern scientific context: electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear forces, and gravity. Each is theoretically (and that means based on sound, peer-reviewed science) different flavors of one underlying energy! What could the underlying energy be? Look to the nature of these forces – they all attract. So is the underlying energy the ‘law of attraction?’ Spiritual mediums and alchemists have been telling us this for centuries. But it gets even better right here and right now!

What property do we associate with attraction? It’s not something we can prove (maybe someday), but it is something we can feel! Many feel attraction as an emotion. But it’s much more powerful than that! It’s our default state from which all other emotions are positive or negative flavors of. It’s love! How simple yet amazing is that? We feel the universe because we ARE the universe. When you take apart every subatomic particle, you will find the underlying attraction within each and every matter and force particle. When you take apart the universe, you will see an infinite number of these love particles all projected from a singularity. Each individual part of the universe IS this singularity in a quantum state (meaning each particle is the most likely combination of all possibilities in space and time). Therefore the universe is love, and you are an infinite amount of it!

We are an evolution of the universe – an evolution of love. From the very beginning (the Big Bang), evolution is caused by a series of ‘decisions’ made by the underlying properties of each extension of the singularity. The early universe was a soup of quarks and gluons, followed by a burst of free-flowing photons when attraction started forming atoms. Soon matter, dark matter and dark energy would evolve creating a living, conscientiously expanding universe. All to evolve into you! What’s next? That’s completely up to you! You are the designer of your universe.

I found a revelation in the model of the universe that came to me and now I see the universe in a completely different way! I love the universe and I love science! Check out my book (AVAILABLE NOW at Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble), Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse at and follow Thanks for reading! Even more thanks for sharing too!



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