The Universe Within

The entire universe is within you. Is this Taoism? Can this be proven scientifically? We are on the right path to finding answers. A very simple understanding of the universe is all it takes to express this in a scientific context.

Our universe exists within a framework where all mathematical models break down.  Even Einstein’s relativity can’t accurately describe the beginning of the universe. Why is this? Because our current understanding of the universe relies on mathematics. All known mathematics break down at the point of a singularity. A black hole is a singularity. Our universe is one too.

This universe began as a singularity that went Big Bang. Due to its instability, infinite expansion of space occurred initially. Then space lit up and continued to expand as galaxies were born and life as we know it came to be.

We perceive the universe as something beyond reach. It is infinite in its grandeur. But our perception is limited and what we think is real is just an illusion. This is because time and distance are variables in a quantum fluctuation system. In essence, all time and distance exist – you are the most likely statistical outcome of your own subatomic particles that make you appear to be where you are at any given time. All possibilities exist. This works on both time and distance scales. Even though we perceive the universe as grand, its core identity is still a singularity. Every bit of data supporting the Inflationary Big Bang backs this up. The singularity is an infinity.

The problem we have with mathematics and singularities is this: you can’t subtract from an infinity. It is still an infinity. Herein lies the dilemma. Our limited perception only sees laws of physics that can’t create or destroy energy. We think everything has to come from something else. Adding and subtracting. But the true realty is infinity – there is no subtracting. When you look inside yourself at all of the parts you are made of, you see pieces of the remnant Big Bang. Every particle we know originated in the Big Bang. But if energy can’t be subtracted from the Big Bang then every known particle is simply an extension of the Big Bang – a projection from one singularity. Every particle is a projection of the entire universe.

Think of a prism splitting light. A singularity splits energy in a similar fashion. What we know as subatomic particles are part of the universe’s frequency spectrum. When you look at the individual wavelengths you see what white light is made of. When we see particles such as quarks and gluons – the primordial soup from which our physical universe is made – we are observing wavelengths from the energy projected by the universe. Each individual particle is simply a projection of the universe singularity as a whole. Nothing is separate as perceived. This is why the entire universe is within you. It lights up your entire being and empowers you!

Ancient knowledge has told us the same thing. Now science supports this. It gets even better. By looking at the infinite nature of the singularity we can perceive our universe in its true form. It is simply infinity. Every part is an extension of infinity. THIS is why you are the universe. Every part of you contains the entirety of it all within.


I can show more evidence of how this process exists. I found that the universe is in itself a part of a larger system. Another infinity known as the Omniverse is actually the progenitor of the singularity that is our universe. Again, the universe is a frequency of a broader spectrum. Will we ever describe the entire spectrum of reality? The answer is within you!

Thank you for reading. Please add and check back to often. I have a book coming soon that will redefine our scientific understanding of the universe. Want more now? Download the free white paper! Everything we know about our universe is about to change. And this is a good thing. Join the new revolution in knowledge!


peace, love, and knowledge


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