The Way Through The Maze

I invite you to go on a journey, challenging the limits of your perception. What if we were simply mice in a maze? Imagine all of your intelligence being fully accessible as you view the world from a mouse's perspective. Look out through a mouse's eyes. Smell like a mouse does. Hear and feel your surroundings in the same manner. And know that everything you need will be provided for you. You are being cared for by a higher life form. One that simply observes. They don't judge at all, yet they do allow you to test your intelligence in this maze called life.



As you navigate the maze, notice how all of your life's lessons and even blocks have formed a certain path through the maze. Maybe you've come to dead ends before and had to turn everything around. With practice, you always find ways to navigate through the maze to find the reward. You are top mouse! Effortlessly, you master your surroundings as you allow your full perceptive ability to help you navigate the maze. And notice how your example helps others navigate through their lives. Your presence alone is what is encouraging others to do better. Your guidance is what helps them do exactly that. See yourself in this light guiding the other mice to have successful lives as you all navigate together. Collaboration leads to even more success.

As your challenges are met, new challenges may come to you. Maybe the maze will become more difficult. Maybe challenges will arise with others on your path. See where the resistance leads you. Seek the lesson. Face the challenges with an open mind ready to perceive the lesson for the highest and best good regardless of the difficulty. Now you are becoming a master mouse. Your skills lead you to an ever-growing state of knowledge. Things you didn't know become known. Your perception increases as you become more and more aware, awakening into several new layers of your own consciousness. You are an awakened soul in the body of a mouse.

Notice how your increased awareness allows even more perception of your surroundings as you begin to look above and beyond the maze. You are free, yet you see how this maze entraps some that you help guide. Some may be stuck in their limiting behaviors, repeating mistakes of the past as they wander the same path. You are here to help them when they are ready. Many will seek help. And now that your increased awareness has led you to be able to perceive higher beings of intelligence observing you, you can teach the others of these beings. But here's the trick: since they don't interact directly, you must observe them the best you can. Even when they are behind the mirror out at the edge of the room, beyond the limits of your vision. The watchers can be hidden behind a veil of illusion. And this teaches you how powerful the illusion of reality can be, and how to lift the veil.

As you see beyond your own ability to see, looking behind the glass, you experience much more that the universe has to offer. It's not just the 3D reality of the maze. There's so much more! And you're definitely not alone. You see, everything 'out there' is working to help you, just like how you help others. But your perception grows in ways that allow you to understand their perception for this to happen. And you know how much more information is out there, challenging yourself to be able to understand it.


And in this state of increasing awareness, knowing what you know of lifting the veil of illusion, what if you were just given all of the information? Say you've learned to navigate the maze and even see beyond into this great room and through the windows. What if you were given the entire blueprints and specifications for the entire building at this point? Would you be able to comprehend it? This is why we are guided in the way that we are to increase our perception in ways that support us. We are protected. It's not that the information of everything would be dangerous in our paws. It's just that the amount of information must be in alignment with the rate of perceptual growth to keep helping us grow.

And here's where it gets even better. Knowing that we know there's more to our perception and more to our universe, we may seek things externally. We may try to ask the observers for help. When they understand us, they are always happy to comply. But they can't just give us all that they know. They've had to go thought the same process of growth in their own evolution after all. So you may notice others asking for them to send us information to help us understand. But here's the trick—doing so actually reinforces the illusion of separation. Instead, acknowledging that we are the same consciousness allows us to share the same knowledge base. Yea, I said it. We are the same consciousness. One life. One love. And the true intelligence within you right here and now that goes far beyond your perceptive abilities is the intelligence of nature itself. It's what makes all of the proteins in your body work to keep regenerating DNA. It's what keeps making new cells to serve the higher purpose of you. And that natural intelligence my friend, is the same intelligence within every one of their cells. The intelligence inherent within all of us is the same in mice and men.

Notice how you can easily bring this new light of awareness with you as you return your perceptive position back to your body in this human incarnation. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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