The 7th Sense

You did not come from monkeys! The fact is, you came out of your parents. You are like them in very many ways. But you are also unique in your own way. You are like none other before you. You are very specially gifted, and this world loves you and your presence as everything around you conspires to make your life happen the way you attract. And whatever that attraction is, it is perfect for you. And this is good to know, isn't it?



This process is what your parents went through too. They came from their parents with some attributes handed down and their own unique gifts to this world. And this is the same as they came from your grandparents. This process repeats itself over many generations, changing humanity over time. Is this what you came from? It gets even better! As we expand our frame of view, notice how you can effortlessly travel back along this timeline. Let's go back generations and see how we have changed over time. People used to be shorter. People also had different beliefs, different community structures, different diets. It all changes gradually over time. And this process repeats. It is natural! As we become increasingly aware of our ever-expanding point of view, notice how you can easily see back thousands of generations to the early days of civilized humanity. Every human came from this natural process from other humans. And as we go back even further, now tens of thousands of generations, we find something wonderful yet profound...

Modern humans like us have existed in this way with bodies and brains like ours, but at a point in time, something happened at the very beginning of our existence. We coexisted with other hominid species. And one of these species started producing children that were different. Unique. Each with a gift of their own that made the world a better place. We don't know exactly what these looked like, but they certainly weren't monkeys like we have been told! But as we effortlessly continue our expansion of mind and spirit, going back even further, we see that even this process repeats. Just like you came from your parents, these special children of humanity came from a parent species. They were just different. That's all. And this parent species came from a different parent species as we open our minds to visualize this process repeating again and again. When we keep going back, we will find a common ancestor. And if we continue this process, we see that the common ancestor is life itself! But in order for our ancestors to evolve from a common ape species, all of these steps had to be taken over a very long period of time.

Today we can confirm this through DNA studies. It's still a work in process, but sometimes all we need is a little faith in the process. Faith in science. Yes! It is possible just as all things are possible.


Now, as you effortlessly integrate this greater understanding into every level of your being, let's go back in again to find the lessons. Why are we born unique? What gifts do we have to change the world? One of the features that separates us from completely separate species like monkeys is our opposable thumb. When early hominids were born with this feature, they were able to make and use tools. With this came the advent of humanity. Even today, we use our hands to create. I'm doing it right now on my keyboard! And as we see ourselves drifting back up the timeline, we find more and more subtle changes. With these changes, every species becomes as completely unique as you and I!

Humans are unique in the way we sense things. We have a six sense. Wait, were you told we only had five? Well, a sixth sense was recently proven. The sixth sense is the ability to spatially detect objects. Close your eyes and touch your nose. That's your sixth sense. And it is unique to modern humans. In essence, it is a connection with our surroundings. As we continue to decode the quantum nature of the universe that surrounds us, we are integrally connected. We have a sixth sense!

And now in this present moment, something even more profound is making its way effortlessly into our field of awareness. Enter empathy, the ability to feel emotions. This has been demonstrated in many blind studies and it is in fact true. And humans are now discovering that this trait is one that separates us from all other species, making us completely unique once again! But what does it mean for humanity? Well, it allows us to stand together in times of turmoil. This gives us the ability to cooperate over large scales of populations. And cooperation is key to our survival. In the grand scheme across trillions of generations of life, all species that learned to cooperate were the ones that survived. "Survival of the fittest" is being overturned. But hey, Darwin was doing the absolute best that he could with the tools he had at the time. We're different now. We are evolving...

Empathy, the 7th sense, is more than the ability to feel. What is it bridges even more higher senses not tied to the physical? Can we respond to energies around us? Quantum physics shows us that this is, in fact, the way things work. And after all, when we can integrate a more complete understanding of the generations before us, going back to the beginnings of life, we find a spark. We came from energy and return to a state of energy when the physical body decays. We are born of planets that were born from stars. Everything is energy when we look down to the smallest scale of the subatomic to the grandest scale of the universe as a whole. Empathy is leading to our ability to sense that we are energy manifesting as physical bodies. And our children born right here and now are experiencing even more empathy and higher senses. This is our time to be uniquely exactly who we were born to be. We are evolving!

Thank you beautiful souls for being here with me through this process. I love every bit of you wholly!


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  1. David – This is all so fascinating to contemplate. Thank you for putting these ideas in the front of my mind so I can mull them over. I do have one difference of opinion on empathy. I do believe that animals (at least the domesticated ones) have empathy. They understand much more than we give them credit for. They know when things are wrong and when their people are happy or not coping with something. They feel much more than we can understand. I think that is why we crave the company of our pets. They “get” us and accept us as we are, no matter what. So we share love with them.

    Of course, I love you more!!!

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