The Body’s Energy Centers

What if I told you that our bodies aren’t really physical at all, but instead are manifestations of energy? And that as energy transmutes, it creates what appears to be our physical reality? We are consciously observing this process all the time in every grain of our existence, yet we may not yet know how to explore this scientifically. But by being open to the infinite possibilities that surround us, we can just observe.

We are infinite energy. That’s what it all boils down to. It’s what we are. And when we dig deeper, we find that we “color” energy like a prism splits white light.


The frequencies of this energy are linked to our nonphysical. Our mind. And the different frequencies of energy are linked to our emotions. There’s science behind the centers of energy in and around the body. And it really is that simple. By focusing on certain regions of the body or body parts, one’s mind can balance the emotions the body experiences as feelings. Emotions go far beyond biochemical signals. They are responses to changes around us. The body in turn changes in response to these conditions with the help of chemical pathways.

When research was published using MRI body scans of people experiencing different emotions, it was very clear how certain areas of the body responded to emotions differently. Love lit up the entire body, while some not so good emotions only lit up a small center or region. Even others, while negative to our perception, were almost like mirrors energetically. Love and fear are both very strong. There was a link between different emotions and where they were experienced in the body. This is why we can transmute energies to love and experience health benefits. And peace of mind.

Energy centers have been known for a long time and documented. As I was researching my book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I came across a book about the holographic universe. The author, Michael Talbot, found old research that scientists performed on bodies using EKG. Surprisingly, the researchers found more energy concentrated in areas that coincided with the bodies’ energy centers. But we know this wasn’t coincidence, don’t we? And it feels good knowing that science advances with little discoveries happening all the time, yes?

Knowledge is built over time. We are just starting to discover what has been known for thousands of years. That’s why this is a golden age for science. An awakening. While many in science prefer the dogma of what academics have become, more and more are curious to discover. When we see the world from a child’s point of view, we find that everything is ripe for discovery! So let your inner child come out and play! This is your intuition… your inner voice allowing you to experience things without the clout of bias or limiting beliefs.

And did you know that as students of any scientific discipline, we are indoctrinated with the limiting beliefs of others? Belief has always biased our collective knowledge. We used to think the Earth was flat! And remember the resistance the scientific community had when bacteria were discovered? It goes to show that springing can exist before we know about it or document it scientifically. And that drives my curiosity to find what’s next, which is why I explore the possibilities and look for ways to explain things like consciousness and energy centers of the body. And the universe. We are the universe experiencing itself after all. And that’s backed by cutting edge science too (It’s in my book)!


But don’t just experience the new frontier of knowledge with an open mind as I suggest; do it because you have an open heart! Allow your mind to focus on the life flowing through your heart into every cell of your body. Breathe deeply and even more deeply as you love every cell of your existence! The iron in our blood generates a huge magnetic field as it circulates. Our energy affects our surroundings, and we feel things with or heart as energy. Life. Love. Emotions. Breathe in and slowly exhale. We are beings of energy transformed into matter in order to be able to experience ourselves. In other words, we are more than our bodies. Our energy centers, through our emotions, are windows to what is beyond current scientific knowledge yet on the forefront of scientific discovery. Right here. Right now.

Thank you for reading and sharing! It is done. It is done. It is done.


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