There Are Many Roads to Love

Do spirits have insurance policies for the bodies they drive? Is funny how we often identify ourselves with our body. But what if it's really a vehicle to take us places in the physical realm? Maybe we've mimicked this in our own creation of vehicles to get our bodies around. As above, so below. Is a vehicle completely autonomous? Even if it could drive itself, wouldn't it still need someone or something to tell it where to go? Your body isn't any different. Your consciousness is what drives you. Your thoughts become the controls. What you choose to feed the body is the fuel


To be truly aware, we must first be awake. Yet most people remain trapped in their own minds in this world. Repeating dialogs with looping of thoughts from the past or worries of an unknown future are symptoms of  thoughts that lull the mind to sleep. It is a sad truth that many are asleep at the wheel. Sometimes people collide with others, not knowing the full impact of their actions. This is just the nature of those who have not yet awakened, and even if great harm was done, you can always see that harm was not the intent. Yes, always. Rather, they will have a higher intent they were working towards, but maybe they just didn't know the way.

That's why you are here to help. You can help make the spiritual routes safer for those who aren't yet as aware. Make sure they're all insured. Since we're all beings of consciousness, on a subtle level we've all chosen to come into this physical world. We also choose guardians. These are part of your higher consciousness. They are present to protect you from harm. And like you, they always (yes, always) do their best. But we still have to watch out and be aware of those asleep at the wheel, don't we?

There are still going to be close interactions and possibly accidents as we drive our bodies around this world. So how else can you protect yourself for even more of the spiritual experience within this vehicle you have chosen? Well, cars are customizable aren't they? So why not upgrade yourself? You can download updates as apps to help you get a better view of the road ahead and to help your body run more smoothly. You can also change your diet for better fuel.

You can even change how others see you. Make yourself be seen! We don't see you the same way as in the physical. We see your light. So tell me, how bright do you think you are shining right now? And wouldn't improving this brightness be the best way to alert someone asleep at the wheel? Shine brighter! Imagine your conscious self upgrading the lights on his or her body right now. Give yourself some HIDs and really be seen! This is what you are already doing when you ate striving in life to improve yourself. You are making yourself be seen on a conscious level. And we see you.

How else can you protect yourself and others in a world that has yet to awaken? How can we go beyond just insurance and better lighting? What more can you do to help protect yourself and others? What if we could upgrade our physical bodies using standards that apply to all? Living in unconditional love, you already know that every person deserves the same right to be, whether they are awake or not.

You can take actions that protect us all. Treat others with kindness. Help people when needed. These actions are like cushioning or airbags that protect from harm. Be soft and protecting. Even if accidents happen, your actions can always help make it better. Create warning systems to prevent collisions. If someone is driving their body out of control, find ways to alert others to get out of harm's way. And that can be done by living compassionately. By being in service to others and the environment. And by being aware of the environment, you are improving the roads with which you drive your physical body!

So you see, it's really pretty easy getting around in these vehicles. We drive with compassion, understanding, service, and universal love for all. Your presence helps protect and serve the greater good for all. And for that, we thank you.


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