There’s a Science to Your Beliefs

So you're spiritual, right? What if I told you that right now is the perfect time to put it to the test? You see, a lot of people have been gifted an amazing opportunity to come together. This is when we show our true colors. This is the time we learn how to apply the ancient knowledge of love and compassion. Unless we don't. 😉

The funny thing about spirituality is that we become comfortable with it. It is a way of life. It's stylish. It's cool. We all share quotes together. But can we get caught up too much? What happens if it clouds our reality? What happens when we introduce bias and even spread misinformation? What happens when we become powerful enough to influence and control others? 




Spirituality is becoming religion. Religion attempts to answer some very important questions like where we came from and how we live together in peace, and spirituality can take this further with a scientific approach. But we tend to take it kinda far sometimes. People with a lot of influence can spread pseudoscience. For example, claims of health benefits of something like himalayan salt lamps without data to back the claims. And honestly, some are pretty outlandish.

Going further down this rabbit hole, there's anti-science. This post is really about a plea for science in a current climate where very important topics might just be denied by our government. It's not just religious people that push bad science. We do it too. 

There's a lot of misinformation around vaccines, genetically modified organisms, and even organic food! Not that out nation's greatest minds in the health industry aren't without fault though. Science does flip-flop like politicians. It depends how the data can overpower old findings. In science we must be open to changing our minds when enough data can overturn previous results. 

As students of science and spirituality, that's how we can model ourselves to be in this light of new awareness of topics previously thought to be bad. Not all vaccines are bad. Times changed and they stopped using mercury. Not all GMOs are bad. Some actually prevent cancer. Not all organic food has more nutrients. And it's not free of pesticides. Follow the data, not the beliefs. Spiritual practices do give you tools and capabilities to change those beliefs. But you must first be willing to do so. 

There's good users of science too. We love gadgetry! Apps to help you meditate. Devices to measure and stimulate senses. It's all pretty cool. But is it necessary? What if we overdo it just to sell our warez? 

These days, spirituality is very profitable. And that can bring to light any limiting beliefs you have about money. Some think making money is bad, but this is actually illuminating one's beliefs about money. And those beliefs can be healed. They can be replaced with positive, empowering beliefs. You can use your tools to become even more open to receiving. That's why there's a lot of successful spiritual people. That means you can be successful too, once you find and clear your own blocks. And that's exactly what's coming in my next blog—an alignment tool that puts all of your parts together to allow even more succes into your life, in any aspect  of your life. There wil we a live viseo webcast coming soon, so stay tuned for the announcement!



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