There’s an Ocean of Knowledge in this Little Blue Dot

This is for the “not” racists as well as those against racism.

For the supremacists and the anti-fascists.

For the violent and those fighting violence.

For those in control and those resisting.

For those participating in the destruction of the planet for profit and those against it.

For those who uphold their science or their religion as their values.

For all the liberals and the conservatives.

For those who choose to stand/kneel and for those who choose not to.

For those who are woke and those who aren’t yet awake to their next level.

For anyone who thinks their morals are better than any other human being’s.

I know my feed is filled with opinions and arguments of countless people, and I’m not going to unfriend you, unfollow you, or argue with you if I don’t agree. Everybody has their own viewpoint and that’s the gift.

I say, keep doing what you’re doing.

Because your breakthroughs are all on the way.

I’m just gonna put this right here-

#BluntForceTruth: The reasons one person is for something and another is against something have nothing to do with each other.

People frame their reality in the way that’s best for them to understand. If they don’t do it for themselves, someone else will.

What’s really going on with the opposing views are completely different views of reality–and that’s perfectly ok.

Everything that’s happening right now is inviting you to step out of your frame of reference in order to see from an all-new point of view that allows a greater understanding.

Just let that sink in.

Advance bonus download: When you’re against any side, you’re in your frame of reference, but when you are FOR something positive, you are already stepping into your greater understanding by seeing that the reasons we argue are completely different. The rest is up to you.

Yes, you.

So now tell me now, what’s different?


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