The Science of Beliefs

"Be careful what you say, because you speak it into existence." People have told me this, but what does it really mean? In general, it shines a light on how we view things from a positive or a negative mindset. We can affect how we see things, yes. But what are the underlying reasons? Do people say this from fear of creating something undesired? Wouldn't it benefit us all to transmute the fear back into love, allowing us to create even better lives from this point moving forward?

You have come to the right place. The truth is that is goes well beyond the words. You don't need to fear having negative thoughts or saying bad things. These things happen. It is natural. The only thing bad that can come of negativity is if you suppress it. Instead, honor it as part of the whole, and look into it to find the lesson. Perhaps it is an indicator that on a deeper level, something has challenged a belief. Here's the secret: Words are just words, but beliefs are what make them reality. And you are about to be guided through something wonderful right now.


When your words are aligned with your underlying beliefs, then action becomes the natural reaction as your intentions are manifested right here and now. This is manifestation. It sounds crazy, and it works. So you get the best of both worlds. The key to this process is the system of beliefs installed in your subconsciousness. 

You have updates waiting to be installed.

Here's another bonus secret to unveil. Beliefs to the subconscious are like little scripts that tell your brain how to respond to something. The subconscious is like the operating system in the background, and belief scripts run like apps. Your conscious mind is the graphical user interface. So, when you run the belief, it instantly commands the system (that's you) to perceive based on the belief code. So you get to choose how you see things. And on another level, your thoughts are coloring your observations, which are coming into existence as you are making the observation. This is one of the principles of quantum mechanics that makes life so juicy and delicious. Things come into existence with the power of consciousness. You don't always have to be aware of this process running. But it's a very powerful tool to tap into whenever it is needed.

Does that mean you can use this to change your life? Absolutely! And making this step means that you are ready to make change. Ask yourself if you feel free of objections, as any resistance might be the key to uncovering a lesson about your current beliefs. And given that you can use your beliefs to change life for the better, wouldn't it be in your best interest to examine the belief? If you have noticed negative results in the past, perhaps a negative belief has been the underlying program running in the background belief system, so wouldn't you want to replace it with a positive belief to move forward with even more love and abundance?

Changing to positive beliefs can actually rewire your brain. There's real science behind all of this. The reason we follow old patterns is that when the brain coded in something when you were a child, it follows the same neural pathways when something triggers the belief stored. Until you wake up and say that you want something better. And when you do , the intention for transformation has already been set, aligning the beliefs behind your words. Notice how effortless action becomes when you are in alignment. It is as if things are working for you. Because they are. Thank you, universe!

So no matter what your inner dialog is saying, honor it. Question it and find out what the underlying belief is behind the chatter. Find the belief pattern and if it needs to be changed, just say the word and it will be done. Now notice how you have no fear of negativity. It becomes your own tool for transformation in this new light, yes? It's not what we say, but how we say it that matters. Because we can bring life changes into fruition, manifesting what is best for our purpose here on Earth. Find your calling and align yourself. Things are already happening for you.

So now in this brand new moment, knowing that you have all of the power within to change your outlook and manifest your life, ask yourself what beliefs are showing up? Are they present as bias? As questioning? As vibes? Find the lesson in each one. Set the intention to honor and love the lesson and notice how easily your life starts changing. That's the beauty of this universe. We are upgradable. We are evolving. And this is just the beginning.

Thank you. It is done. it is done. It is done.



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