Think You Know Yourself? The Answer Will Astound You…

Think you know yourself? What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror? Do you see what I see? I see the real beauty beneath the surface. The space within. In between every one of the trillions upon trillions of atoms, there is open space. In between all of the subatomic particles within those atoms is even more open space. That's a lot of space to allow energy to flow. And what does this mean? Perhaps you have joined many others on the inward journey deep within to find who you really are. I invite you to travel within and find something completely different and unexpected....


Our world is going through a revolution right now with global communications reaching more and more people worldwide. We are finding all kinds of new and ancient information about humanity. You probably have noticed a spiritual uprising around you, even within yourself. You are being bombarded by all kinds of philosophies and thoughts on the subject. And none of it can even get close to the real beauty of you. Please allow me to present to you how I know you, not just how I see you.

First, forget aboutĀ self-consciousness, self-awareness, self-actualization, or any of the other bullshit you have inundated yourself with. You are simply allowing even more conditioning upon yourself. That doesn't mean it's wrong, because it is all right. It's alright! Everything you have been through has served its purpose up until this point. This brand new moment. Right now.

Let me tell you first what you are not. You are not your past (but you already know this, right?). You are not your behaviors. Starting to sink in a little? You are not you beliefs. Ain't that a relief? You are not your values or even your virtues. You are not your body. You are not your soul. You are not your inner child. Yea, you go way deeper than that. You are definitely not how others see you. You aren't even how you see yourself. You are not how God sees you. And you are definitely not nothing. Because what you ARE is completely amazing!

The problem with everything you have been learning about yourself is that it has always been about yourself. Who you are, what you are, and what you do will be of no significance. But as Gandhi said, you should do it anyway. This is a key that will open the door to enlightenment. But you will not be enlightened. That is because however you view it, it is most important to view from different perceptual positions. In other words, to get out of your own head. Before you start thinking I'm talking about your getting rid of your ego, I'm not. I love the ego. It is your messenger of the soul serving very important functions allowing emotions to be processed. But they're not really your emotions.

Like your physical body, emotions are a form of energy. They serve a purpose. Likewise, the body serves a purpose. It lives! The soul serves a purpose. It is one with the subconscious. Notice how easily you can imagine seeing your body, hearing your voice, and experiencing everything this physical self offers in this great experience, from another's point of view. Picture yourself in the eyes of someone close to you. Now take a step back into another position, viewing yourself as if you are a neutral observer. Want to get good at it? Go through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person. View from all three. Take another step back. Envision yourself up on a screen. Now picture yourself sitting in a control room full of screens, all with multiple versions of you. These are your past and future parallel lives. Notice how easy it is to watch the lives play out from your neutral viewpoint in this control room. Now visualize the control room from outside of it, seeing its energy connections with nearly infinite others. These are the souls we interact with on a daily basis. Notice how all of them are connected to a source. All is one.

Now before you start thinking you are the source, which you are, realize that this isn't about you. It's about love. Because you are literally witnessing trillions or even more lives unfolding into lessons for the unfoldment of something even greater. This is purpose. Growth. Evolution. If everything happens for a reason, which it does, notice how the reason is now clear. Love every second of it! Yea, you might not want to ever go back to the little ways of thinking you once did when you were stuck in yourself. And there's even more to you. But it's still not about you.

Wanna speak something into existence? Here's a secret about everything in this universe. Everything in the Omniverse. We use the words 'I am' to speak something into existence. But when you are outside of your normal ways of thinking, how does this work? Well, as it turns out, this viewpoint removes you from all of your complications, meaning it works much fucking better! And the secret: Within the phrase 'I am that I am,' there's something very profound. Notice how it is like an equation. Remember me saying it's not about you? The 'I am' cancels itself out from each side of the equation. There really never was an I am. What is left is that.



What the fuck does that mean? Well, I did say the answer will astound you (whoever I am). Notice how everything in and around the control room is connected? Notice how you can keep going in either direction, never reaching an end? That is what that is! That is a process. More specifically, a process of growth. Evolution. That is a continuum. That is connection. That is a free-flowing of the underlying energy of the universe. That is pure unadultered love. That is the raw attraction of all that is. And THAT is what I see when I look into your eyes.

Notice how you can now follow your love back through the continuum into your control room, and then onto the screen that projects you right here into this brand new moment, bringing back every bit of universal knowledge with YOU. You are now your expanded beliefs, values, and virtues. You are one with your soul and one with all that is. You are enlightened. You are beautiful!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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