This is Heaven on Earth

One weird trick about human perception is that even though the human brain thinks it can multitask, it always tries to focus on the primary task at hand. And in doing so, we often miss details that limit our vision of the big picture. So what can we do to improve our multitasking abilities even more to pay attention to the big picture? Simply put, we adapt. We learn. We let or consciousness grow and expand.


Easier said than done, right? Nope! In fact, now that your mind has grasped the idea that there is always more to the picture, it has become primed and ready for a greater sense of awareness. This is what we are evolved to do. It is our nature! Sometimes, we just need a gentle nudge in the right direction. This is why we have visionaries. We can all be looking at the same thing, but when somebody points out the hidden meaning of it, our eyes become wide open to the big picture. And that’s exactly what I plan to do with Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse!

You see, much of the supporting data for this new model is already here! It is in the smallest of the subatomic quantum realm. It is in the very expansion of the universe itself. I simply cracked the code so we can all observe the universe for what it really is – YOU!

And the best thing is that it’s very easy to understand. Everything repeats on different scales. We just need to observe for ourselves and the mind automatically understands. Like how an atom is surrounded by an electron field or fields. An electron does not appear to the nucleus as a particle. It is a field of energy. And the same is true of our universe. We are a field of energy. Everything physical is an expression of this energy! Our true nature is the nucleus. The center. To see this is to know the Omniverse!

Let’s go further into this field of energy that we are. For years, scientists have searched for the mysterious underlying energy from which all forces come from, like gravity, electromagnetism, and strong and weak nuclear forces. That energy is universal. It is life force. It is pure love! It is everywhere in us and around us. The more we understand about science, the more we know about ourselves.

Life finds many ways to grow and evolve. Quantum particles attract others, forming matter and letting light shine in the early universe. Matter coalesces and fusion reactions start as stars are born. Through generations, stars build upon those before them, forming heavier elements that give rise to planets and moons. Water and the building blocks of biological life are spread throughout the universe in this process making life as we know it inevitable! Just as the universe evolved, so does biological life. As above, so below!

Then we discover ourselves as consciousness evolves. We realize or connection to the divine. We ARE this process! We are this underlying energy. We are pure love. The answer is SO simple and it has been right in front of us all along until now as we are finally awakening. We are a physical manifestation of this underlying energy within this field of our universe. We are the Omniverse. And in the physical dimensions, we are the afterlife of stars!

Everything we need to live and thrive is right here, right now. For those that are awake, we know that this is heaven on Earth! This is the gift of knowledge given to us by the ancients, waiting patiently for us to unwrap our reality. It is up to us to spread this message of love so more people can wake up and enjoy the present. This is the time of awakening the new scientific revolution heralding in new knowledge of the universe that ultimately comes back to be knowledge of the self.

So don’t look out at the universe as you have before. Instead, look FROM the universe, into yourSELF!

If you are ready to start your journey, then this is the perfect time. I asked myself how to empower even more people to inspire them to seek infinite knowledge of the universe and the self. My answer from the perspective of the universe is the Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. It is the universe awakening to its surroundings. It is the big picture. And it is here now! You can find it at Balboa Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other retailers in soft cover hard cover, and ebook formats. For more information, go to and follow Thank you for reading, thanks for sharing, and thanks for being YOU!

Change your perception, change your universe.

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