This Might Just Be The Universe’s Best Secret 

We're all here for a lifetime, and we all fall in love. It can be with yourself and/or others. Maybe many times over. That's perfectly ok, because you're perfecting yourself in the process! There's a very unique way each of us has to view this process. Yet somehow, a common belief will emerge from the sea of infinite possibilities. You see, some people may think falling is a bad thing. Here's why it's absolutely perfect...

Falling in love isn't about falling down. 

And falling out of love with someone simply doesn't happen. You fall out of love with the image of a person that you wanted them to be. Your disappointed can only come from someone not being the image you projected, because you were attached to your image of that person. 
Love unconditionally and you'll accept people as they are, allowing you to clearly see them. Yes, you can see their souls! And you'll fall in love with their beautiful souls. 

Falling is a very good thing--it's how you learn to walk. Nobody ever learned by standing still! You gotta fall, then catch yourself! Or get up and try again.Your momentum comes from falling forward. And your legs keep this process moving. 

So now I invite you to feel things a little bit differently. Just like how you find that balance point as you fall forward and catch yourself with each leg. Falling is a resting energy. It has momentum, yes, but it is a lower energy state. 

Everything in the universe goes from higher energy to a resting state. 

The Higgs boson was a huge discovery. And a perfect example of resting state. A particle without mass has lots of energy. So when that little boson enters existence for that split microsecond to interact, giving the particle mass, the particle actually falls into this resting state. Everything as you observe in the now is in this resting state. It's what allows particles to have mass. And that gives the ability to attract. And it's all about attraction, isn't it? 

Your life is one and the same. Before birth, your mother carried you in her womb. All of her life force had to carry and support both you and her. And after your birth, the resting state is when she held you in her arms loving you and keeping you safe and protected. This resting state is a safe place for your growth to occur. 

That's what falling in love is. It's settling into an energy that allows you to be safe and protected in the arms of another. The universe loves you in this way. That's why it favors life! It has always been for you, not against you. And that's why you are constantly provided with the absolute best environment for your growth and evolution. Yes, always! 

The only things that can keep you from going forward are your own fears/limiting beliefs. So overcoming these is key to your success in life. And you'll notice a domino effect where everything in your life starts falling into place. 

Overcoming limiting beliefs and fears can be as simple as accepting that you are already loved and protected. Consciousness comes in many forms on many levels. From the beginning, there's always been a natural intelligence that supports the next level of growth from any level. Angels are supported in this way, and in turn, they support you. They love you. And they protect you. So when you do the same, you honor the natural flow of the universe. 

Accepting this natural flow allows for even more self-love. And when you love yourself, you make it easier for someone to fall in love with you, because you're already in this resting state. You're already safe and protected. And it's perfectly ok for others to want to be protected under your magnificent wings. Your self love creates the space for another to grow and evolve with you. That's how soul mate and twin flame relationships are forged. You create your relationship from the space you've created with your own love for yourself. And people just know it when they enter your presence because they feel safe. 

So let yourself fall in love. It's ok. We're here to protect you. 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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