This One Universe Hack Creates Pure Magic

What is stillness? Why is it important to be still to meditate? It’s not. Stillness is just the consequence of meditating. It is a natural action of the mind and body experiencing silence, which opens the soul connection with your innate divine being while being consciously aware. And no, the trick isn’t to silence the mind. That too, happens naturally. To get there, you’re going to move. Your mind is going to wander.

The trick is to let it do just that, without resisting. Without pushing away from a lack of stillness or silence. Without taking any preconceived notions of what you’re supposed to do. Without any expectations to outcome. Wanna know how?

It depends.

Sometimes music helps the body relax. Other times, silence. And other times, guided meditation works. It’s really just what works for you.

And stillness may require motion. Physical activity like yoga and breathing are great ways to induce the body into a still state. It’s just like settling down and relaxing. Simple, right? There’s nothing complicated about it.

You’re just finding the sweet spot.

That’s the very basis of life.

Everything is chaotic. So much so that chaos is always increasing. Yes, always. Life forms from chaos, as does consciousness. And amidst it all, life and consciousness become aware and find the sweet spot.

The sweet spot is connection with all that is. It’s a state that allows your mind, body, and soul to receive instruction. Kinda like how your phone updates when you sleep.

When you’re still, the universe is active in you.

It’s programming your code and upgrading you. That’s how you understand the universe–by experiencing her through yourself.

That’s how you come to the realization that reality is not duality. That’s how you perceive with your higher senses. That’s how you see that time is merely your perception of eternity–infinite time that’s available to you all the time anytime. And it’s how you see that this truly is Heaven on Earth.

Each and every revelation of awareness is a sweet spot of infinite possibilities. It’s simplicity. And that’s exactly how quantum physics works. It’s just a way of seeing that this is the highest and best opportunity arising from infinite possibilities.

But sometimes we do tend to complicate things with our thought process. And that’s why it’s important to let the mind do that. Let it ponder. Let it study. Then let it experience.

Life is experiential.

You don’t need to be told who you are. You already know deep down in every cell of your being. You don’t need to be told what you are spiritually. That’s for you to discover. And discovery, dear ones, is your journey. A journey full of twists and turns, lessons and love.

You write your own story. The universe gives you the pen and paper.

Your story will be experienced through many perceptual positions. Every plot twist and every possible outcome that may seem fucked up from your eyes can turn into opportunity viewed through the universe’s eyes. You can shift from yourself into your higher self. Your spirit and angel guides. You can go full on Christ consciousness and just feel unconditional love throughout the whole journey, regardless of the twists and turns you’re programming. It’s all available to you.

The universe is available.

Knowledge is available.

Enlightenment is available.

Stillness is simply you being available.

And the universe comes to you. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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