This Woke Me the F*** Up

I’m going to ask one question to see how many ways it resonates in all of us. You may be surprised by the answer to this question:

What is love?

Right now your mind and body are probably hard at work thinking and feeling what love is to you. For many, love is what completes them. It is companionship. But this can be a slippery slope that leads to dependence. Expectations and desires arise from relationships. We expect others to be a certain way and do things the way we are accustomed to. We desire love as if it were to fill in something missing.

But what if none of those are love, but instead, what we’ve been conditioned to believe? Is there a such thing as love free of conditions, expectations, dependence, desires, or other attachments? YES! Love is unconditional. Pure. And there is a very simple way to experience that. By expressing it within yourself.

Love is a relationship with the self. There it is! Everything we’ve been led to believe just adds complications. Carl Jung said that we marry our subconscious selves and reflect our problems to our partners. How true is that? So, to have love is merely to recognize it within. And when we do, we reflect the love outward, not our problems. Doesn’t that sound even more appealing?

So let’s take the journey within, together. Let’s find those subconscious triggers. Let’s dismantle the walls we built out of subconscious blocks. These are what we’ve been acting upon all this time. The real you is behind that wall. You don’t need to seek anything. You don’t need to find anything. You know where you are. You know what you are. You are pure unconditional love.

Just realize that you are there. That is all. That’s the key between reflecting your subconscious problems and transcending them. Now, tell me what you see reflecting outward from yourself. Now you are expressing love in its fullest potential through every cell of your being. Every grain of your existence.

In recognizing that love is a relationship with the self, you will notice how what you attract changes. You don’t attract your problems in your partner anymore. You attract love. And if you don’t have a partner, you don’t have to seek love! It will come to you in many forms to confirm is existence in you and guide you on your path.

When we transcend our subconscious blocks, we become unstoppable on our path. For many, the soul mate relationships are brought out and fulfilled on this path. The twin flame can be revealed – as an extension of the self. It need not be sought after. No amount of coaching, no psychic medium, no amount of money will get you there. It’s already in you.

From this point on, your mind has been stretched to new dimensions, never to return to past. Take the love within yourself and spread it like wildfire! If worries are present of how people react, give those worries to me. You don’t need to hold on to them any more. When you transcend your beliefs that came from the social conditioning others imposed, you become a light. It may not be visible to some, and others may fly into the light and get burned. Those are their paths. Your purpose is to shine!

Thanks for reading and sharing the infinite love!



Love the universe you’re in!

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