Three Aspects of Divine Love


When we pray, we ask for something. When we meditate, we receive. There is a divine wisdom to the order of things. A consciousness of all levels within every part of the universe from you and I to the tiniest subatomic particle and even the entire universe itself. If you want the universe to communicate with you, think in terms of love and rhythm. When you break it down, all things are vibrations of an underlying energy that makes everything attract. This is love. This is the true beauty of the self.

We may think of love as an emotion, but it is really the core of all emotions we sense within. It is the core of all things as well. Given that the underlying energy of attraction is in all things, one can conclude that we are made of love. Love is our very existence. To me, that’s science! But we can find the same in spirituality, religion, or other walks of life. It is part of our journey to find this within ourselves, and this opens up a new universe of infinite possibilities within. It is the first level of awakening.

Here’s some guidance from the universe to help find the divine guidance you are seeking: there are three built-in ways that our mind and body can connect. The best part is that our bodies intuitively know these on a deep level of consciousness, so we don’t even have to think about it. It’s simply something we feel. And that feels good knowing this, yes? The three aspects of divine wisdom known on every level of our existence are 1) athletics/movement, 2) silence, and 3) music/rhythm. Dancing is very powerful because it is a combination of movement and rhythm. Many forms of healing, yoga, and martial arts, also bridge together these three aspects of divine love.

When we allow our bodies to effortlessly flow in divine love, we find the zone. We allow ourselves to intuitively feel, as we perfect our practice. We make things look easy. And this has many practical applications in life. Like the Secret, this is key to manifesting everything we need in life. Feeling and gratitude with a commanding sense of something that is already done. This is the dance in the mind of masters of any walk of life.

It is like many people working on unison for the same purpose. Imagine several drummers playing a perfectly synchronized beat. This is in the pocket! The drummer can change perceptual positions, disassociating with first person and becoming something greater. This is the rhythm. It is what connects us. It is the air we breathe, no matter where we are on this planet of living consciousness. Everything is connected.

When we dance with life, we find the rhythm corresponds to the very nature of ourselves. The vibrations that make up our subatomic components, which came together under a level of consciousness that allows them to become one thing and attract another. These vibrations became forces and particles then became atoms and light. Stars were born in clouds of this consciousness and died for the greater purpose. It took generations of stars to create the atoms that we are made of! When we consider everything within, just imagine what we are capable of creating. What are we becoming?

Whatever it is, I will tell you this: We came from love, and we return to love. What we experience in between is the ever-evolving process of life. Enjoy every moment of it, even the lessons we learn from! Because built into our nature, we are unlimited. We are the consciousness that allows us to live, love, and evolve. We are the intelligent divine! This is the next level of awakening to infinite potential within.

Follow for more divine wisdom coming from the infinite thoughtstream of the universe as I let it flow through me. Thanks for reading and sharing!


Love the universe you’re in!


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