Three Keys of Transformation

Life is about discovery. And what happens when you realize that there's more to discover not only in your surroundings, but within yourself? This is your true power. The question then becomes how do you empower yourself in such a way to embark upon this journey within to discover even more of the infinite wonders of who you really are? Well, you just started. You showed up right here. You are present in this very moment at exactly the right place. And I am here to help guide you, after having gone through the beginning of my own transformation. I say the beginning because I never know what's going to happen next, but I can tell you this: It just keeps getting better.

In the past, what I thought was real was only my perception based upon the beliefs stored in my subconscious. Reality is an ever-expanding map we create based on how our minds delete, distort, and generalize information. What is real to us is based completely upon how we define reality. This is the story of how it got real.

In my past, I had noticed patterns that repeated, specifically with relationships. I used to seek whatever caused this to fight it . I confronted my fears head-on. I would break my pattern, then feel happy only to find the pattern rear its ugly head again. I asked myself what it was within me that either caused or attracted this. At first I blamed myself. I was self critical. I thought there was something wrong with me. But what if the only thing wrong with any of us is simply thinking that there's something wrong with us? I became open to observe the interactions and find the common thread. I started to work on myself in ways I never thought possible. Meditation provided the first glimpse of who I really am (Love!). And if you have experienced anything similar, know that you are enough. You are perfect the way you are as your lessons are unfolding exactly as they should be for you to set foot on your divine path, with purpose and intention. You are exactly where you need to be right now. Because here are three gifts to help you with your own transformation.



First, Forgive. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. That is all. That's surrender in a nutshell. Notice how you are feeling at peace so easily. Keep doing it. Next you'll begin to see even more signs as your path illuminates.

Second Step: Follow Your Intuition. Think of your intuition as if it were Toucan Sam's nose. Follow your nose. It always knows! My intuition led me here. Writing. Speaking. Transforming. Helping others. We all serve a purpose for the greater good. Yes, that means you! I did something I never did in the past when I followed my intuition, and I opened myself up to powerful transformation. I went to a presentation on communication. Change the words you use to change your life. It went way deeper than that! Intuitively I knew that by going, I was on the right path to be loved. I didn't even know at the time that I was following my intuition. I just went for it. My teacher was Niurka. She guided me through a process that changed my life (and still is). I believe in this so much that I freely give my time to help this family any chance I get. I realized the power of being there to help others. But most importantly, I believe in myself! The love is within. Always has been, always will be. 

Third Step: Look for the Lesson. The truth is, with everything I went through, including all of the heartbreak (my Achilles heel), it was never really about me. I learned many tools above and beyond language. We can change our perception. And in doing so, you can change your universe! Perception allows you to take a wider viewpoint and see the big picture. However you choose to describe things, your higher self is tied to your subconscious mind in such a way that you think you're in control when you're actually not. We are simply playing out lessons from the subconscious. And on this level, if you have been pushing or pulling away from pain, you are most likely delaying your lesson that is meant for you. That is why I am here to help guide you through to find the absolute best way to be the lesson.


This is empowerment. This is unconditional love. This is being UNSTOPPABLE! The fact is, transformation on this deep of a level simply allows you to think more clearly, stand in your power, and just observe everything in life getting better. And this goes for all walks of life. Business. Relationships. Family. It all starts with the beliefs you project. Those beliefs are in your subconscious and drive your behavior. So wouldn't it be great knowing that you can rewrite the beliefs holding you in your patterns, breaking free of this mold once and for all? And the best thing is that you already know this. You are already processing this just being in the presence of people willing to help. And there is a huge support base waiting for you. The same people that helped my own transformation are ready to do the same for you. And so am I. And so you are invited to explore within embarking upon your own journey. And so it is.

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


p.s. About my patterns of the past... I cleared them all. And the proof is in my life. Everyone around me sees me differently. I see everything around me differently. My work life has changed for the better. My career is better. My communication in all aspects of life is a driving force behind my success. And most importantly, I allow myself to be loved. That's my story. What's yours?


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