Throttle Up

Your thoughts create your reality. What you speak into existence is what you manifest. And with one simple trick, we can push this ability into overdrive!

Create space.

That’s it! There is absolute pure beauty in the simplicity! Create space, and your dreams will follow.

Imagine yourself navigating through the freeways of thought… What does your typical commute look like? Many of us encounter obstacles on our path. Worries. Fears. Regrets. Distractions. It can be anything. These are the other vehicles on the road you are driving with every day, yes? What if navigating this road could be even more effortless, empowering, and envigorating, giving you a turbo boost toward your life purpose?

Envision simply removing those obstacles – the vehicles of thought that are not in alignment with your highest and best intentions of moving forward. Wouldn’t it be great if there is an easy way to do that? Haha you know what’s coming next already: There is! We create space. In doing so, we now have full control of the road ahead, now free of obstacles. Let’s hit the throttle!

The science of creating space explained.

Here’s everything you wanted to know about how well creating space works. Again, the beauty is in its simplicity! Space is everywhere. We see it in the cosmos. Even our bodies are made up of space (in between and even inside of our subatomic components). To see the space is to see the true beauty of infinite possibilities that we are.

Space is the only thing within the framework of our physical laws that can be created. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But space can be created! In the Big Bang, space underwent a rapid inflation so great, it was faster than the speed of light! And what did the creation of space do? Here’s where it gets profound!

Creation of space is like rolling out a canvas in which we paint our picture of reality upon. Space is the medium for everything to happen! And a very common misconception about space was once that it was thought to be empty. But just the creation of space means that it can be filled with energy. Energy was transmuted in the early Big Bang as temperatures that spread out throughout the ever-expanding universe and cooled, making life possible.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and visualize a vessel. When the vessel is empty, it is space, yes? That just means it can be filled. And that’s exactly what the universe does! Space is filled with fields of energy. Take the Higgs field for instance. This energy is compared to a magnetic field. The Higgs field is always on. Space is permeated everywhere with the charge from the Higgs field. And this charge makes it possible for that little Higgs boson to manifest itself, just for a fraction of time, and give another particle something wonderful. It gives it mass. And with that, the particle gains the ability to attract.

So when we open ourselves, create space, and allow energy to permeate our very being, we are this process! We enter this universe as a living being, just for a fraction of time, and we give it life! We give it meaning! We transmute the energies and turn attraction (love – the pure underlying energy of all things on this universe) into emotion and experience. Being in the process allows the communication of this experience, thus we are the universe perceiving itself through our own eyes. How cool is that?

So, I bet you really want to know the secret to create space now, don’t you? What if it is something you already know how to do, as you do this all the time already? And this knowledge is something fully integrated in every cell of your being and every single bit of your existence, yes? And it feels good that you know this, doesn’t it? This is all because the key to creation comes from the questions we ask. We transmute our emotions, our egos, and our personal blocks simply by asking empowering questions that presuppose the positive outcome aligned with our divine path. This is how we create space! And it feels good knowing this, yes?

I am David Bertolacci, a transformational leader with the power of the universe to unveil its secrets and align people with their divine purpose. If you would like more information, I have a book entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse available now at Balboa Press, Amazon, B&N, and other stores. It is the story of the universe’s  path of ascension to get to the point where we think is the beginning. I also have a children’s book and another landmark book unlocking the secrets of our consciousness coming soon with a full lineup of transformational webinars and workshops. Like Omniverse on fb ( and stay up to date by checking frequently at Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing, and thank you for being exactly where you are right now, because it is the perfect place for you to be!

Love the universe you’re in!


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