Through the Eyes of the Divine

Blunt Force Truth: In the eyes of God, there is no need for God. There is only love for all things in this divine creation we know as the universe. In the enlightened mind, there is no need for bliss. Just alignment with the divine flow of God's love. 

There are two key elements to love and bliss. 

One is perceptual position. To love all things, you can view from a third person, or neutral point of view. This allows you to hold concepts in your mind, without holding onto attachments. The second is dispassion. This is unattachment. This is not being fanatical about things. It is overcoming our conditioning of doing just that. 

In the eyes of the divine, there is no creation. 

There is observation of what every being in the universe creates with their perception of the universe. God is simply the combined point of view from all of these beautiful souls across all space and time. It is the flow of pure divine love that allows each and every being to create their own lives by observing their surroundings. 

This is the natural state of all that is—flow.

We humans tend to complicate things, give them faces and names, yet the only real truth is flow. We can't view it. It's hidden in plain sight, akin to the underlying force of the four (or five) known fundamental forces of nature. We can feel it. Flow is divine love in action. You can't see love, but you can act with love, and in doing so you honor the universe as a whole. 

We give ourselves limits though. The secret is that the limits facilitate our growth and evolution. In the surface mind, limits may show up as how willing you are to receive love and abundance from the infinite possibilities within you at any given moment. And sometimes we are exposed to massive amounts of love when we channel, which can result in bliss. Seeing an angel face to face can evoke this feeling. It's overwhelming and drives most to tears of joy. 

But bliss is not enlightenment. 

Truth is just on the other side of bliss. It's like a border your mind made up to keep you inside this realm. It is part of your nature. You can leave a gate open and still horses will stay. You can tie a baby elephant's foot and s/he will grow big still feeling trapped by a rope that isn't even connected to anything. Self-imposed limitations are all in your mind. 

We do this to ourselves intellectually. We have preconceived notions and ideals of what enlightenment should be. And what the afterlife looks like. Even those of us who have come back from death will describe their experiences—but they're filtered through our own perception! And I will tell you this: You are the afterlife of stars. Every life and death of a star was what built the very atoms you and I are made of. 

The ONLY way to get beyond your barriers are to step outside of yourselves to perceive from all new points of view you (that may have never even thought to be possible). Realize that bliss is associated, and become dissociated. View bliss and yourself experiencing bliss from outside of yourself. Notice how you are flowing with divine love. 

There are three key components to art: the creator, the observer, and the art itself. 

When you awoke, your consciousness created the Big Bang, allowing space to expand and become the canvas with which you can paint your beautiful masterpiece. The universe you perceive is your art. You are the creator. In this life, you are observing and experiencing its glory in all of its magnificent splendor. And this creation is also the very building blocks for everything that evolved into your physical being! 

You are the creator, the art, and the observer. And when you expand your core viewpoint, you become the observer of all that is, viewing yourself in all three positions across all time and space. This is not bliss. This is who you really are! You are the divine flow of universal love. Thank you, it is done, it is done, it is done. 


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