Through the Eyes of the Universe

What do you see when you gaze upon the stars into the vast depths of the universe? What do you see when you look at your reflection in the mirror? What does the universe see when it looks at you? If you can listen, you will hear it say that you are the best thing that has happened in its life. If you can see – I mean truly see – then you would see the entire universe within the space between every subatomic particle you are made of! You will see pure beauty.

As humanity learns more about the science of the universe, ourselves, and our mind, it becomes clear that our design is customized. Eyes have been tailored through billions of years of evolution from the earliest life forms that had one simple purpose – to detect photons. As our eyes evolved, they became more adapted to detect motions for purposes of survival. In some of this world’s highest evolved eyes, vivid colors can be detected along with 3-dimensional spatial awareness. The human brain is one of the most capable of harnessing the power of the eyes. It takes visual cues from the eyes that are converted to quantum information in the retina. The information is processed in the visual cortex and stored throughout the brain in a holographic process. This is how we see. But can we really see? Although our abilities are highly evolved, we are still able to see only a small portion of the entire spectrum of light.

We are led to believe that this is our reality. But it is not. It is only our perception. It is designed to give an image to us based on light we perceive. But sight was never meant as a way to define reality. Is this why the ancients spoke of maya (the illusion)? Everything we see is part of this grand illusion. So how then do we perceive reality? Well it turns out there’s another little trick in our evolutionary design. The pineal gland acts as a third eye by allowing us further insight into our surroundings than just sight alone. The third eye is our dream state, our imagination, and our intuition. It is the window into the subconscious – the state of mind that actually controls about 95% of what you do all the time. It is the gateway to your very own self conscious. It also houses the body’s master cell. Yea, it’s that important.

While we like to think we’re in control, we’re really not. But we can be. Utilizing the third eye can be done simply by focusing one’s mind. Meditation techniques can help. Studying can too. And music is a very powerful medium. Many speak about detoxifying the pineal gland as well. Its perceptive abilities are powerful yet not well known. Perhaps this is because we’re taught that there are only 5 senses and a 6th sense is just myth. Once we stop denying our abilities, we begin to perceive the universe for what is really is. We can transcend our own limitations. This is the driver for our own evolution! This is how the universe sees you as a living, evolving consciousness, and when you see it too, you’re looking at the universe in the mirror.

I found this when I proposed the Omniverse. I saw the universe the way it really is and wrote a book to spread the message worldwide. Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is available now ( Balboa Press, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble) and my next work is going deeper into what it means to us, like how we perceive. Go to and follow for more info. Thanks for reading and sharing!



peace, love, and knowledge

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