Time for Change

Time is a funny thing. Is it real? Is it an illusion? Why does it only seem to go one way? None of the answers to questions like these can even begin to describe time. In a universe built upon the principles of quantum physics, time is simply an expression of infinite possibilities. All possibilities of time exist all the time! We simply perceive time, to the best of our human abilities, as a linear progression. This is simply because we believe our physical nature to be real.

To exist in the physical realm, we must build our reality from the quantum universe of infinite possibilities. Luckily, this is done on a higher conscious level, so we don’t need to think about it. Each component of the physical builds upon the next. Quarks, atoms, molecules, cells, bodies, communities, etc. Everything in this physical pathway has a very special property: change. In science, we call it decay. Everything has a decay, many which completely transform something into something else. An atom sheds particles, creating isotopes, and can eventually become a different element. We measure this. This measurement is time. Time is the measurement of decay.

The take-away from this level of perception of time is that time is simply an observation of the transformative properties of everything in the universe. And when we realize this within ourselves, we also realize that we no longer need to hold onto things. We all change every single moment of our existence. We cycle our cells. No human being at any time is older than 10 years old! We literally transform ourselves in a cycle of cellular rebuilding.

Our consciousness is the same. It is not an identity that stays the same your whole life. It is a growing process. A transformative process of change. It is growth. It starts with education and social programming. Throughout life we live and learn. This feeds our very souls. And our souls grow as we acquire more information. When we open ourselves up to this information, the universe becomes a vessel for which we are a channel of pure information. Loving facilitates this flow of information. So love what you do! Love who you are! Do everything with love. This is how we transform.

Thank you!!!! It is done. It is done. It is done.



Welcome to your universe. Feel free to move around.

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