Time Travel Is Real And There’s Proof

What if science fiction wasn't really fiction at all? What if all of a sudden, we opened our eyes and saw that there's literally proof everywhere. Could we be surrounded by evidence, past present and future? Would the truth set us free? Or would we be in denial even amidst mountains of overwhelming evidence? Most importantly, how can we find this evidence, explore it scientifically, and present it?



First, how do we find evidence and where do we look? Well, clues were left behind by ancient civilizations. Modern science rarely gives ancient humans their credit due until we surprise ourselves. Like finding ancient megacities in the jungle. Or the oldest known modern human structures just after the last ice age. Modern science is only starting to find out how long we've been on this planet. Humans have been found in the fossil record over 200,000 years ago. Yet through mitochondrial DNA studies, we've traced down one region of our origins where humans evolved about 400,000 years ago. That's in the same form with the same intelligence we have today. We don't know which common ancestor we had with all of the other hominid species coexisting with us. Different species of hominids have been around nearly 2,000,000 years.

The last species didn't die off until maybe 25,000 years ago. There was very limited interbreeding between species. We have DNA from Neanderthal, but not enough to support having evolved from them. Where do modern humans come from? Perhaps we have a common ancestor that led to Neanderthals and modern humans. It's a perfectly reasonable assumption. The real answer's inside us though. Our DNA has encoded our history. It's fully programmable you see. The way we alter genetics now is nothing compared to how it does it itself. The genome has its own molecular cloud—a network of methyl molecules that switch genes on and off in response to its environment. Our DNA is programmed by the energy around us—and we don'r even see it. So it might be just as easy to assume our programming arose as a result of response to something else besides just selective breeding.

That's where the ancient text come in. We love documenting things! And we've done it for a very long time. In some documentation, our species was created by another more advanced species. I've heard the alien conspiracies and this isn't one of them. Even though there's even more documentation of tinkering with our genetics. Angels broke an oath to take physical form and do it with Earth women. The resulting cross-breed species was documented by both Enoch and early American civilizations. Eventually the human population had to be restored to normal. Humans were then left alone to acclimate back to natural conditions for several thousand generations. Pretty cool how life forms can just materialize, right? And we were known to have lived for thousands of years back then. Unless something was mistranslated. What happens when we look at it this way: What if humans' lives didn't span thousands of years but instead, traveled thousands of years? Wouldn't that also explain how they could appear in the physical? Hmmm. Aliens? Angels? How about humans? Isn't the most likely answer the simplest?

Well this just opened a new can of possibilities on your astronomical self, didn't it? What if this could explain other mysteries of ancient civilizations where high tech was used to engineer structures and create intricate rock carvings? Even in the oldest known civilization, Gobekli Tepe, all of the tools used to create structures were removed, and the site was intentionally buried. It seems as if our history of modern humans could be filled with evidence for civilizations more advanced than at the time. It also appears they could have come and gone, leaving behind a legacy of documentation. So why then wouldn't we see some sort of infiltration within our societies today? This doesn't make sense if time travelers could simply appear anytime. Except when you look at Enoch's writings again. We are in the period of thousands of generations of incubation. In other words, they aren't allowed to come to this time.

Ok, what if this is indeed the case? How is it even possible? We know that time travel is theoretically possible. But that's a long way from being able to materialize in any time period (except for blackout dates). Well I'm gonna show you one of our perception tricks. Time is perceived. It's not really the way we perceive it. In fact, nothing is. We create our reality by piecing together information from our sensory systems. We make things appear solid based on how things interact on the quantum scale. We perceive an object moving from point A to point B when in reality it's consecutively taking all possible paths throughout the entire universe. Time is the same. We see it as a timeline, even though all time exists all the time. Yea, we live in eternity.

This is level one perception. Basic self-awareness. With knowledge of quantum physics and even spiritual or alchemical concepts, we can start climbing the perceptual ladder to higher levels of consciousness. We do so in death. Consciousness is information that can't be created or destroyed. It is natural! The physical laws are a little different with ties to the timeline allowing us to observe decay and use decay to measure time. But thought is not physical. You have the power right here and now to transcend physical limitations. This is why some people are really good at perceiving spirits and even alien species from different times. And angels. You see, angels are another rung of the ladder. Fully programmable energy existing anytime, anywhere (or maybe you've been talking to time travelers). Keep going up and even the laws of physics are programmable. So with enough understanding, we can not only communicate with our higher consciousness, we can be it. We can exist anywhere, anytime. The possibilities are endless!


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