Tonal Recall

As she picked up the violin and gently placed it beneath her chin, she became one with the instrument to produce the most magical sounds. By simply moving the bow across just one string, a plethora of musical tones emerged. In just one note, your ears are filled with undertones of the vibrating string. Have you ever wondered how that simple vibrating string produces such vibrant tones? What if the answer had implications to how everything works from the nature of the universe to or very own consciousness?

When the string vibrates, many waveforms result, producing the main tone and other undertones. One string produces multiple tones! And changing the length, tension, or thickness of the string can produce even more tones. When the violin is played, a finger is used to change the length of the part of the string that vibrates, resulting in a wide range of rich frequencies produced by only one string.


In String Theory, the energies of particles act in the same way. Simply, one vibration produces multiple tones, which translate to all kinds of subatomic particles. This is a very elegant mathematical theory, which had even been resolved with Einstein’s relativity in the modern version, M-Theory. Now we can study vibrations across multiple dimensions. And with the restart of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, some of this theory will be testable for actual physical evidence. So even if it sounds like a pipe dream thought up by crazy scientists, there could be proof that it’s really just as simple as a vibrating string!

Well it turns out the universe has another simple trick up it’s sleeve. Picture the universe as a whole. Could it be a living entity? Think of ourselves. Our cells. Only a small fraction of the cells in our body are ours. The rest are other organisms. But all are required to keep us alive. Similarly, organisms like us are part of a more complex organism. This organism is capable of such complex calculations through its own circuitry that it literally builds our existence from a singularity. All of the particles, or vibrations, combine in a matrix of decisions that allow life to thrive. In other words, there is an energy that exists in everything and causes things to vibrate a certain way. That is consciousness!

On this level, consciousness is actually very simple. It is just the energy that vibrates the string. Just as vibrations produce many subatomic particles, the same vibrations are responsible for multiple frequencies of consciousness. The universe is the string. The vibrations produce a full range of frequencies that we simply tap into. But we can step up frequencies as our awareness expands.

What we think is consciousness in the brain, whether activated within a specific portion or throughout the entirety of its neural networks, is merely a portion of a much wider bandwidth currently beyond human perception. We pick up lower frequencies of the universe’s consciousness. Each individual’s is unique, giving each of us our own identity. But we often confuse this with consciousness.

Our collective frequencies are just one undertone of the vibrating string. As we listen further, opening our senses and expanding our awareness, we find that there are higher frequencies of the vibrating string. These frequencies are aspects of our own consciousness when we recognize it as the whole string! Nature has it’s frequency. The cells of our bodies vibrate with nature. We are in tune with these frequencies on a subconscious level. But there’s more too us than our cells. Much, much more. As we step up, we find infinite possibilities. Can the realm of spirit be a higher frequency? If angels are beings of pure energy, can they simply be even higher frequencies of the vibrating string? Higher frequencies of our consciousness?

This is where superconsciousness begins. It is the higher vibrations of our string. And there’s even more to it! Imagine if the very laws of physics were higher vibrations of the same consciousness. The blueprint of reality. And what if the realm of pure data, quantum quits, were our consciousness? Pure information is also known in spiritual teachings as the Akashic Records. And what if the grand poobah of consciousness, aka Jesus, Buddha, or God consciousness, is the same vibrating string? If so, wouldn’t it be possible that being part of the same vibrating string connects us in ways previously unknown? Are we unlocking our own consciousness simply by acknowledging the infinite possibilities of this one string? More importantly, are we just a note, or are we an integral part of the symphony?

What if all of this is possible simply by envisioning a vibrating string? Or just by listening to the universe? After all, the entire universe is connected to us on levels we have yet to perceive. All we have to do is embrace infinite possibilities, and the universe will open up and reveal is secrets.

Thanks for reading and sharing the infinite possibilities!

Come with me. I will guide you on your path of enlightenment.


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