Total Transformation

I came to NeoGenesis ready for drastic change yet frightened of what that meant. In the recent past, I have learned to deal with my marriage that came to an early completion while also keeping up with my new professional life. My journey started at SIIA and is far from over. I realized that core issues had created subconscious blocks in the past. Even with the work I had been doing to release, I felt the need to go deeper. The opportunity for NeoGenesis was upon me, and deep down I knew it was the right thing to do, at the right time in my life. I trusted my gut and stepped forth into the unknown areas of my soul that hurt the most, longing for the deep soulful love I know I deserve.

My journey started on the road to Sedona. Transformation was in the air. With lively breath full of fresh air from the wild unknown, we ventured forth. My nervous anticipation was quelled by nature as a deer and I crossed paths outside of my room. It was nearly time for the real journey to start. As soon as our group was together, we all knew we had something in common. There were old friends and new friends, and people I already knew on facebook! Perhaps we’ve all been meeting throughout the infinite possibilities we perceive as time. We are soul family, transcending the perceptual limitations of time itself. At Neogenesis, we transformed together. Friends and family all came to each other to hold space for everyone’s process. It may not have been easy, but it was nothing short of miraculous for each and every member of our family.

Regardless of background, profession, or even age, the NeoGenesis workshop is simply the most powerful way to identify and release subconscious blocks that can be preventing you from realizing your true power. Imagine being loved like never before. Visualize abundance of wealth flowing in your life effortlessly. NeoGenesis doesn’t just open the doors – it blows them wide open. Simply, this workshop allows you the flexibility to work on exactly what you need in order to reach your goals and even more. Ask yourself, what can I do to effortlessly flow with infinitesimally more of the natural love and abundance the universe has to offer?

When I asked this question, I felt a vibration aligning me with all that is for my highest and best good. I decided to go full out – to give everything and hold nothing back. I had some of the most amazing breakthroughs in just the course of four days, which could have taken much longer with only coaching or even counseling. I went straight to the root cause, guided effortlessly by my own intuition. What I discovered within me was so profound and unexpected…

I saw myself at age 2, lying lifelessly in a pool of water. Although I remembered nothing of this, it had happened. I had died. And in that moment, there was only freedom. Every choice I could possibly make seamlessly affected the continuum of the universe as a whole. I am here for a purpose. In order to find this divine path, I had to agree upon many of life’s lessons to be learned. Relationships. Conflicts. Anger. Fear. Each was a gift to be unwrapped. My present is the gift! As we ventured further into timeline regression, I experienced my big brother’s anger at the time. And I realized that I had channeled his anger towards my mother, all of my life. And her sheltering was only a reaction to my past that I didn’t even remember!

The ah-ha moments continued to build. Anger led to fear. Fear of abandonment had made me react to life in such a way that I was so self-reliant and independent, it was nearly impossible to let anyone into my world. I thought women ran away from me. It was my subconscious pushing them away to protect me. Releasing the fear opened up the amount of love I can give and receive. But it was in that perception that a dark energy rose within…

On the morning of the last day, my mind was quiet and I was at peace as we did sunrise yoga. It had been rained out that day, but a small group persevered the weather to get through to the core. I stretched my thighs out in what is known as Pigeon Pose, a mighty twister to make you surrender into the moment with an open heart. I felt pain in my legs, and as I breathed, I sank deeper into the experience. All of my past relationships came flashing before my eyes as if I had died again. There was something in each experience that stood out. I mean really stood out. This time, I was seeing it from their eyes. They asked, why won’t you let us in? I had no answer. Only pain. My fear of abundance that started from the moment I felt abandoned by my own mother had manifested itself all my life as the very protection mechanism keeping all of these loving women out. Even though I tried to bring them in, my core was afraid, and in that moment there was nothing but guilt. Guilt that was finally ready to be let go of.

After experiencing NeoGenesis, I am truly empty. As a vessel, my highest potential is to release my contents so that I may be filled again. It is pure divine love that fills me, and as I give unconditional love, the universe honors me and bestows even more love and abundance upon me. This is the process. This is what we all go through, each in our own way. This is NeoGenesis. A new start…

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

This article was written about Niurka’s NeoGenesis course for personal transformation. Along with my workshops under development, her courses are HIGHLY recommended. You can contact me if you have any questions. With this submission, I hope to win $1,000 scholarship that I am gifting to one of my friends interested in the journey within – and you know who you are. 😉  For more information go to As always, go to and like my fb Omniverse page to stay updated.


Woman Meditating at the Beach ca. 2001
Woman Meditating at the Beach ca. 2001

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