Total Transcendence

What happens to us when our bodies die? With the higher consciousness, we found that the body is primarily energy. Even the cells themselves, composed of complex molecules can be broken down into packets of pure energy – an infinite amount! Energy is manifested in the physical sense in terms of quantum physical and biochemical interaction with our DNA and even our cell membranes, making sure our identity of everything makes it all function as one. Like the way the stem cells know what and where their destination cell will be. The body communicates, and living is an advanced community of the cells we’re made of.

Imagine all of the energy wrapped up in physical processes, and visualize transforming this power into something beyond what we can comprehend with human perception. This is the art of letting it all go. Energy is conserved, meaning that nothing is destroyed. This is where the fifth level of consciousness kicks in. And here’s a little bonus: we don’t have to die, or even have a near death experience to get there. We can perform out of body experiences, or astral traveling.


We already do this unknowingly. Just like how most of the subconscious works discretely, the fifth level is very sublime. But we do experience this consciousness as we fall asleep and/or when we dream. We can induce this state as well, using it for the highest and best good of personal progression. With inner work, we can become a model of even more success in any avenue of life—running a business, loving your family, and creating passion in relationships.

Fifth level consciousness is beyond physical limitations. In this realm, quantum physics are intricately known in every bit of your essence. You are now in the realm of pure energy. The stuff Tesla and Einstein talked about. In the quantum reality, all possibilities exist. All possibilities of time and space, and even different universes. It’s really fucking cool! Time is effortlessly transcended with our further advanced level of understanding and increasing awareness. When all possibilities of time are perceived, we can see and program multiple timelines. This can be multiple courses of action and events for your life right here, right now. It can also be applied to parallel lives—past, present, and future all happening in parallel.

This means you can trust that when your higher self is aligned with this expanded perception, you will be guided to make the decisions that always have a positive outcome. Imagine being able to see multiple film strips of different decisions and different outcomes of your life and selecting the one(s) you want to manifest. Simply put this up on a big screen in front of you, and at the time you are ready, which is the perfect time for you, you just step into the picture. Here’s a bonus advanced teaching: This is how we surf parallel universes. When all possibilities exist, the universe can be seen as infinite variations of these possibilities. When we align ourselves with manifested outcomes, we are jumping into different universes. It’s a natural built-in ability, and it’s happening right now.


Fifth consciousness, being primarily in the quantum realm, isn’t readily perceived by our “normal” consciousness. But it is energy that pervades everything. When the Higgs boson was first proposed, it came from an interaction of a particle with the Higgs field, a non-magnetic field of energy that pervades all space. All matter interacts with this field of energy. And sometimes, we do interact with consciousness in this field of energy. This might explain hauntings, reflections of energy imprinted into our surroundings. What if this can finally be scientifically explained?

When we silence the mind, we can communicate on this level, although I recommend grounding and washing. This realm is very much ingrained with the perception of duality—positives and negatives. So proper care must be taken. Because duality is still a fundamental core belief system, energy is split. Perhaps this is still a reflection of the cosmic mirror function of everything. Like the trinary switch with earlier levels of consciousness, the energy can be switched into two ‘on’ positions, one being a mirror of the other. But the real beauty is realizing that when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see what is reflected back, and now we begin to realize how dark energies can be beautiful reflections of our own lessons. Now we start to see beauty in all things light and dark! Imagine how powerful we can be by combining these energies…

Even though the fifth level of consciousness seems so far advanced compared to our other levels, existing primarily in the form of omnipresent energy, this is still a lower level in comparison to what’s still coming in this series of the 9 levels of consciousness. We are going to uncover some seriously higher forms of energetic life next. It just keeps getting better!


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