Transcending the Resistance

We all have an inner struggle. Unless we don't. There is both a reason and a trick. The trick is to find the reason. This struggle is telling you a lot. And it might surprise you how this process serves a purpose to heal you. That's because where we find the resistance is exactly the area that needs to be treated. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right? That's because it's the one screaming in pain, yearning for healing. This is why we have resistance. But what happens when we hold onto that resistance without letting go?

There's an old Native American story about a war of two wolves inside of you—a light one and a dark one. Both equally paired against the other. The one that wins is the one that you feed. It's really a matter of where you put your attention. Do you focus on love or hate? Do you hold onto things or let go? Whichever you choose to do, which is the perfect thing for you at the time, you are receiving an important lesson. Letting go means that you grow and glow. Holding on just means you haven't quite been ready yet in the past. Notice how you may have been seeing repetitive patterns though. If you are seeing more of the same, ask for the lesson. Now, knowing that it's a brand new moment, look deeper into the meaning of this lesson. What are you getting from holding onto something? What is the intent? What is the highest purpose?


When you ask these questions, you begin the natural healing process. You are no longer feeding the dark wolf inside. Because you find that the highest intent of holding onto anything is something you can get easier by letting go. It might be security. It could be love. It can be anything! And there's always (yes, always) a different way. Yes, we humans are creatures of habit, but we're also adaptable. You can learn new tricks regardless of your age or any other circumstances. And when we become open to this new energy, we become open to the fields of infinite possibilities surrounding us. You can start harvesting the ripe fruit from the tree of knowledge and improve your life!

In truth, this is where life starts. The river of life does not stand still. It flows with all of its magnificent energy. Turbulent in parts yet always free flowing. This is the energy absorbed in the roots of the tree of knowledge. The tree of evolution. The tree of energetic particles that in turn make your physical body. Water is akin to the energy flowing in, around, and through you right here and right now. The resistance you may have experienced in the past up until now gave you the ability to wade into this river and try to stop it. Sure you might be able to stand still if the current is not too strong, but notice what happens? The water goes right around you. Rather than fight the natural flow, wouldn't it be in your best interest to find that sweet spot where you can drift with the current? Or better yet, how about taking your own journey down this river, and in doing so, bringing all of its energy with you? Yes, when you are in the zone, the energy of the whole is with you at every twist and turn. This is living!


Find the highest intent and honor the natural flow, taking control and embarking upon your journey in a free flowing life of manifesting the very things your resistance thought it could achieve. Now doesn't it feel better, knowing that letting go is what made this possible? What are you ready to let go of right now as you acknowledge that it has served you for a purpose in the past up until now? And as you bring the future into this present moment, envision how this energy flows with you effortlessly. Notice how you can take charge of your life right now.

The dark wolf cannot control your thoughts. But it does serve a purpose. That is the blessing of the ego. It tells us where the resistance is. So the next time the ego comes up, rather than push it away, acknowledge it and find the lesson. After all, the ego is the messenger of the soul, just as angels are messengers of God. Allow yourself to see through the eyes of God, the universe, or whatever you prefer to call this magnificent energy of all things. Changing the way you see things changes your manifestations. It changes your attraction. This is how you change things in this beautiful life.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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