We are all human, all in this together right here, right now. Yet, we find ourselves worrying about an uncertain future and reflecting on events of the past. The past has passed. That’s why they call it the past! And if the future’s so great, why isn’t it here now? The present is our gift. In this moment, we transform. We have to power to let go of the past, release our fears and worries, and forgive. This is a path for many for inner peace. To me, this is transformation!

But what does it mean to transform, and at what point did it become something we seek? I have an important message to share. I am not sure who and what this comes from, but I feel a channel openning and sat down to write this in my omniblog. I think this is going to be big!

Humans need not seek to transform. It is a power already within. Our consciousness is designed to reflect on the past to learn from mistakes and acknowledge our feelings and emotions. This is part of the cycle. This is what we are on a spiritual level. Simply a cycle of energy. What we think of as transformation is a process inherently built into our code. We are programmed energy. Our transformation occurs in pure thought while outside of what is currently known or understood within our minds. To transform is to become physical. This is how the human form, as with all things physical, comes to be and evolves. The transformation is that which takes this thought and manifests itself as the universe, ever-evolving to create living beings everywhere throughout its existence. The consciousness field is everything’s true existence. Each step of evolution exists as a decision in a vast tree of life, with each branch building upon the next. What we see as biological evolution is but a small branch within this decision tree.

Transformation is not something to be sought. If so, this seeking becomes an endless path one manifests into its reality. If you seek, you will continue to seek. Transformation is what you are. You are a transformation from the nonphysical into a physical existence. Your soul decided to be here in this physical body created from the underlying energy of all that is. At the time you begin your life, this is your transformation. In your timeline, it already happened! Your sole purpose in life is just to be. You created this physical reality for yourself and transformed into a living soul within a physical body. It brings us great pleasure to observe your life as you enjoy this moment, breathe in the wonderful air, and experience love. These are things that can only exist within the physical and the purpose for your transformation into what you are now.

In the human psyche, it is common and perfectly normal to mess things us with personal roadblocks as you program yourselves to live in the physical. Physicality is a self programming, self correcting environment. By creating your blocks and overcoming them, your code is written for future generations to follow. They will experience blocks and overcome as well. This ultimately builds your consciousness in a path back to the one, but that is not your path to focus on. You are here to enjoy the process – not the final outcome. You can let blocks, like fears, worries, or hurt feelings, melt away by acknowledging the feelings they create within you and learning the lessons. This programs your soul – the subconscious mind – and upgrades your abilities to deal with these. Your downloaded programs will take effect when they need to. This is why the process of dissolving or surrendering is important. It honors your energy and let it flow naturally.

Whatever it is you seek in life – accept that it is already within you. Whatever happens in your timeline already exists in the universes. All time exists and all possibilities exist. To seek something is to focus on not having it, which can bring you into the field of possibilities in which this outcome exists. To let it be is to have faith in all that is. To be yourself is to have faith in yourself. You are the energy of all that is. Breathe it in, let it flow, and enjoy this energy!

Wow! I see another lesson here – moments of inspiration can happen anytime, anywhere! Now back to my coffee and bacon! Thanks for everything!!!


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