Treasure Map of the Soul

What if I told you that our souls have their own way of communicating with each other? How can we tap into this level for even more understanding within ourselves on the surface? We’re literally dying to tell our stories on this surface of reality. But deep down, there is an undying love so strong, powerful, beautiful, and eternal, it just feels great knowing that it’s there wanting to be released, yes?

Here’s a long-held secret of the soul recently unearthed through neurolinguistic programming (NLP): Everybody is programmed since even before birth. Our language and interactions shape our neural pathways as our brains develop and age. Once thought to be set for life, new neural pathways can always be created, as found with new advances in science. Now there’s nothing holding us back! Except ourselves…


This process of conditioning results in everybody creating their own map of reality. This is the key to understanding each other and even ourselves. Or true reality is nonphysical. We live in a field–we are a field of infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities of space time, every event and outcome, every path throughout the universe, exist all at once, all the time, within every grain of our bodies.

Our mind is a filter for the infinite probabilities. It takes information that creates reality, and this reality is the framework we create to build our neural pathways. The neural pathways become how we act and what we say. This is our map of reality. It is not a true representation of reality, but it is how we perceive reality. And it does change if we are open.

Here’s where it gets good! Let’s talk about how we become open to rewiring those neural networks. And what does all of this really mean? First of all, when we communicate with one another, we are showing our map of reality. Everything we say and do is an indicator of how we allowed ourselves to be programmed throughout life. This is key. Recognize and honor the other’s map of reality. Just this alone can transform your life.

Now we’re ready to take NLP to the next step. Let’s step out of our normal first person point of view. You can also see yourself from another’s (second person) or from a neutral observer (third person). We’re observing ourselves from third person now. This is how the higher self drives or vessel like a vehicle. Our map of reality is the higher self’s GPS. And we’re constantly navigating pathways full of traffic, so this becomes an important feature.

The reason we see things as we are rather than as they are is because our souls are communicating by using the maps. Imagine yourself in first person again, interacting with another. We recognize key features in faces, language, and body movements. On the higher self level, the face that the soul recognizes is the reality we have created–our map of reality. When we shake hands with a person, it symbolizes a greeting or an agreement. When we acknowledge somebody’s map of reality, we are shaking hands on a soul level. We are simply saying ‘This is me’ to the other soul.

When we embody this knowledge fully, keeping in mind that it is already built-in and we are simply remembering, we open doors to more meaningful communication. And this is reflected in all walks of life. Business. Education. Relationships. Everything! To really trust and honor this process, see yourself in third person and view your map simultaneously with another’s. Create an exercise. Find ways to make the two maps compatible. Speak into the other’s map with love and communication will flow effortlessly as your brain heals it’s old pathways and creates new ones.

This just scratches the surface of what we are capable of on a soul level by living consciously and aware. Recognizing this has already started the process. See the inner beauty. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Love the universe you’re in.

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