True Love is Always Present—Never Absent

Science is a language used to describe the secrets of the universe. Yet love is more than we've been taught to believe. It's not just chemical reactions in the brain. If you think that, you're only looking at a tiny part of the picture. This goes beyond the chemical compounds in the body. Love is more than the physical components. It is energetic. Before any compounds in the physical realm communicate the most beautifully incredible experience of love, there's connection. And that connection is ever-present everywhere in the universe. It's quantum entanglement. It's attraction. It is a natural function of a living universe. And that universe, dear ones, is expressed infinitely within every grain of your existence.

I like to call this the universal irony department, because logically, I should be the last person to be talking about the power of true love. Love has been the greatest challenge of my life. I have yet to experience a lasting relationship with another. And that's the blessing. I went within to find my blocks and barriers to love. I let them all go. I learned to love myself wholly and completely. And in doing so I see others as perfect reflections of myself, allowing me to love everyone and everything unconditionally. Yes, that means every lesson.

.The universe is alive.

This power has unlocked the secret wisdom of the living universe so I can teach you how to see that everything in this universe is love. Yes, everything! You can see the universe and everything within as living. This is because everything fits the criteria for life, if we simply let go of the limited point of view that it must be carbon based. Everything has input and output, and everything reproduces in some form.

Everything evolves.

Each level of existence produces the ingredients necessary for the next level. You know exactly what I mean when you go through your own levels in life. And we all do. You might choose not to level up, but it's always available to you. Every single bit of information in this universe is working on your behalf to increase your capacity to love.

And it all starts with a bang. And the ppof, all of the building blocks come into existence, transcending from energy into a primordial soup of forces and particles. The Big Bang is truly a miracle because the new universe is alive and thriving. It is the epitomy of self-love. Because every single part is attracting based on its vibration—just like you and I. That's the basis of something much greater.

Everything is conscious.

Consciousness exists on every level of life. From the subatomic level, consciousness is simply the attraction behind your evolution. Every single particle attracts exactly what it needs to form other particles, atoms, molecules, and yes, the building blocks of biological life. Just like how you attract everything you need for your lessons in life to keep growing. Consciousness is self-awareness at one level, and much more.

It is love that attracts. Consciousness is a flow of love through every level of life. It is present in the stars, who live and die to fuse the elements together, becoming the atoms and molecules you're made of. You're not just cosmic stardust—you're the afterlife of stars. And your consciousness allows you to experience the love present in all things that led to your existence.

There are infinite perceptual positions.

You can see yourself as yourself. You can also see yourself through another. You can observe yourself. Your human senses allow you to navigate these perceptual positions, and consciousness is your connection. As you expand, you'll experience yourself on the atomic level. On the energetic level. You can view yourself from the viewpoint of the stars that created you. You can view yourself from the canvas of space-time, allowing all of the infinite possibilities available to you right here and now to present themselves. It's completely up to you how you wish to view yourself. So why not step into your power, viewing this entire process with love? You have the power to do so.

You are an infinite being.

And that gives you infinite power to love. You can start by loving yourself. Love your evolution. You are far more than the human incarnation. You came from energy. Because science. And you have the power to navigate every perceptual position. Also because science. You have the power of consciousness. You have the infinite power of love expressed in every grain of your existence and every cell of your being. And you are an incredibly beautiful expression of this love!

Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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