True Power

Life is a process. As humans, we question everything in an attempt to explain why we’re here and how we came to be. Finding answers to these questions is the ultimate discovery, and I’m here to tell you that it is not limited to only a select few. Discovery is a power within!

Discovery is infinite potential within us all. Think of when you were a child. Everything you experienced was something new. You explored. You discovered. Now I will show you how to experience this feeling again. This is how we tap into our unlimited potential as sentient beings.

First, forget everything anybody has ever told you about anything. Seriously, in today’s society, we practically worship a select few that we consider to be geniuses. But one thing in common that history’s greatest minds have is this: They acknowledge that their thought was not their own.

That’s powerful! If one’s thought is not one’s own. Where might it come from? In religious context, many credited God. They acknowledged that the thought came through them, not from them. And this is all we need to know to make new discoveries every day of our lives!

Thought is something we are all capable of. But what is it? It’s not physical. Can it be measured and quantified? We can measure brain waves and states related to these such as alpha, beta, delta, and theta. But we can’t see beyond into the realm of thought with modern science. YET.

Through modern advances in psychology and neuroscience, we are at the forefront of discovering consciousness. But we can experience it right here, right now! We must go within to find it. And when we do, we find that we are a channel for consciousness.

Consciousness is not a product of humanity, rather humanity is a product of consciousness. Your body is a product of thought on a level previously unknown to us. This is because our consciousness is a thoughtstream of universal consciousness. Everything (nature, intelligence, form, laws of physics) is a product of this consciousness.

You are not a body with a soul. You’re not even a soul that has a body. You are the universe, in its entirety, experiencing itself through conscious thought. We ARE this thought – we do not have thought. We pick it up in thoughtstream from the universe, which is one quantum computer broadcasting everywhere to everything. That explains quantum entanglement! Everything is in communication. Our brains function as antennae and processors of information on a quantum level. We pick up a narrow bandwidth of this signal, and each of us has our own frequency. This makes us unique and gives us Identity. And that allows us to set forth on our own personal path to discover ourselves.

When we discover the true self, we find that we are connected. We are powerful beyond all imagination! We experience love and beauty in ways never thought possible. Simply, we become enlightened. And we discover our greater purpose.

I thought the Omniverse was my discovery, only to realize that I had opened a channel for consciousness to flow, leading to pure knowledge. I simply discovered this process within myself and in doing so, discovered my path to serve humanity and the universe for the highest and best good by spreading peace, love, and knowledge. I embarked on a journey to raise the vibration of humanity by teaching these ancient principles of the universe and consciousness. Soon I will be announcing my enlightening talks, webinars, and intensive workshops. I will open the doors of the universe for all to discover who and what we are, and how each of us can serve for the higher purpose!

You CAN discover yourself! Thanks for reading and sharing.


Love the universe you’re in!


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