Two Lessons of Abundance that will Change Your Life

I found some unusual lessons learned in one of the biggest debacles America ever faced. This is about the greatest american bank robbery in all of history. No this post isn’t about the universe like I normally write, but I will show you the miracle of how the universe works in something that you probably would never expect. You see, not too long ago, my home country experienced the biggest bank robbery ever committed in the history of mankind. But this was no normal bank robbery – because the banks made off with all the money!

Starting in 2008, the economic stimulus bailouts granted nearly a trillion dollars of fresh currency into the banking systems to prevent banks from failing after foreclosing on a record number of homes in the U.S. So the government borrowed money from the Federal Reserve (a private institution run by the banks) and gave it to the banks. Now, for every dollar the government borrows, it generates another dollar of revenue for the banks plus an additional 10%. The banks get that additional 110%. That makes nearly two trillion dollars of revenue that the banks got to keep! No wonder they gave themselves bonuses! The downside is that it dilutes the rest of the country’s wealth, decreasing the value by two trillion dollars. So the banks made money, kept it all, and devalued everyone else’s.

For these reasons, people have been protesting and educating the public about this “crime.” But it wasn’t actually a crime – this is how the Federal Reserve system was designed to work. It is faceless slavery for those of us controlled by debt, but if all we do is complain about it, we completely miss out on some of life’s most valuable lessons! It’s not that 1% control the wealth and 99% fight over the rest – the 1% knows the secrets that I am about to tell you! These are the most important lessons we all need to learn about abundance. It applies to more than just money. It can be used to multiply anything you need, like love, knowledge, even peace! Once the 99% catch on, we’ll all be equal.

Lesson 1: Abundance is limitless! Think about it. We can keep doing this over and over again so the world never runs out of money. It’s how the World Bank works! But this can apply to YOU when you realize that there are no limits, You can attract limitless abundance!

Lesson 2: Money can be made from nothing! This is pure gold – just knowing this secret enables you to crash right through barriers of negative perception created by misconceptions of lack and limitation. In science, everything follows laws of physics. One of the biggest ones is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But what is money? It’s nothing! It has no standard of value so it can literally be created from nothing. And that’s exactly what happened in the bailouts.

The take-away: YOU can attract abundance by changing the way you perceive things! This is BIG. If only 1% of people know this, then it’s obvious why they control the wealth. But we control our own minds! Why let someone else control us? That’s exactly what happens when we enable others to do so. But knowledge is the key to your power. I want EVERYONE to know that abundance is limitless and money can be made from nothing! We all have the tools within us to be successful – we just need to be reminded from time to time. I can’t tell you how powerful negative thinking is on your mindset and how it affects your life. Self doubt is a killer! Every time I catch myself thinking like that, or asking “why” questions (why do others become successful or why are others happy), I instantly recognize it and make corrections to my self thought. We are literally hypnotized in our society as we are programmed from the time we are just children. Once we break through the barriers, there are no limits to what we become.

You can unprogram these negative behaviors and replace them with positive thoughts! This will literally change your life. It has for me! If I listened to everyone tell me I would never amount to anything, I wouldn’t have written my books. But I did and I keep doing it! I don’t need acceptance because I know I am following my divine path. Every day I ask myself how I can devote myself even more to spread the knowledge within. This is my divine purpose – I am spreading love through my message about the universe by expanding our perception, one reader at a time. With every new person exposed to my book, the universe itself expands as our collective consciousness does! So go to now for more info, and follow me at

With love and deep gratitude, thank you for reading and sharing my message to the world!


Change your perception, change your universe!


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