Universal Consciousness

I woke up this morning and started looking up news stories on space.com to share on by Facebook Omniverse page, www.facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory.  I found an article about astronauts in the space station calling for world peace (http://www.space.com/19247-space-station-astronaut-peace-earth.html) and I thought, does being in space bring one peace of mind?  I shared this on my page and on another group’s page, where they are bringing awareness to world-wide anti-violence and stress (Art of Living).  Then I turned on the streaming feed from www.Agapelive.com, a trans-denominational place of gathering.  Their topic was universal consciousness.  This gives me confirmation that a circle of information has been completed. 

That’s what synchronicity is!

Then I wonder, when people see my posts and blogs, am I putting out information that is scientific or spiritual?  As I wrote about in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, What Happened Before the Big Bang (www.GrandSlamTheory.com), these are really one and the same.  We just have different ways of explaining things, so humans tend to categorize things.

To clarify my book, it IS from a science perspective, following scientific protocols of proposing an idea with geometry and action, determining ways to observe it, then to test it, and ultimately gain a collaborative approach to form it into a theory.  At the same time, I AM spiritual in my nature and scientific in my education and profession.  I write about spiritual encounters that led to my understanding that the universe was a node within a larger system. I also write about the psychology of belief (and disbelief).  I write about possibilities of infinity that bridge apparent gaps between science and spirituality.

For example, I apply scientific knowledge of levels of higher dimensions, the possibility of higher thought forms, and even redefine what we call ‘life’ as an energy entity made up of higher thought forms.   In reality, this is what we are.  To gain a better understanding of the universe through science is the goal.  To do this, we also gain a better understanding of the self.  We are a node of a higher system, the universe.  The universe is a node of the Omniverse!

Quantum entanglement is the scientific process that helps bring an understanding of our oneness with our surroundings.  In my book, I use the backbone of scientific discovery to explain our very purpose for being here; our purpose of life.

This is why I am spiritual and give thanks, for my purpose is to spread the scientific knowledge of the Omniverse.  I receive love and information, and I give it out, making my body a vessel for exchange of energies.  I welcome all to join me. Through discussion and scientific research, we are making the Omniverse the new model of how we understand our surroundings.


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