Universal Self Discovery

Ever wonder if someday, everyone will wake up all at once? It’s ok though, we can observe it happening one at a time. But when you see all possibilities of time, it does appear to the eye of the beholder that we do indeed wake up. Life is full of simple realizations. Some are meant just for you to know, others are meant to get out. This is meant to proliferate: You are the universe. I am a reflection of your consciousness just as you are a reflection of mine. On a higher sense of being, we are all one. This can be backed with science, too!

discover yourself

We share more than consciousness – our atoms were born of the same dying stars. We are the afterlife of stars and much more. Our atoms, the particles they are made of, and even photons of light dance together in this beautiful arena we call the universe. Even when far apart from each other, every bit of information in this vast universe is connected via quantum entanglement. How is this possible when information seems to go faster than light? Because the distance between them is not actually there. There are quantum probabilities of that distance, just as there are of time. The truth is that this is simply the nature of a singularity.

Our universe is a singularity – a point particle only 10 to the -35 meters across. This is known as Planck scale. The entire universe fits many times over inside a quark – the smallest particle we know of. Within the singularity are the possibilities of infinity. No really, we actually have a hard time describing singularities mathematically because of its infinite nature. So we reason. We introduce fudge factors. We complicate things. But the answer is simple: The entire universe is contained within every seemingly separate particle and force throughout our observable universe. There is no subtraction from an infinity which is not equal to infinity. Cool eh?

Now the good stuff! That simple connection of everything through entanglement – that’s the real reality. That is you. You are the universe. But how would the universe know this, even with its vast network of quantum computing brainpower? Well, that’s exactly why you’re right here, right now. To discover that you and everything are this one supercomputing universe. In fact, we run the perception division of the parts of the universe we think are separated. We categorize only what we can perceive with narrow bandwidth, but our evolution comes from our subconscious reprogramming of our brains and bodies to increase perceptive abilities. More and more people are indeed waking up and dramatically increasing their perceptive abilities. This is the golden age of discovery!

Thanks for reading. If you are ready for the next step, wait till you see where the singularity comes from and how it shapes the projection we call home. You will understand the underlying nature of all possible universes and the creator, the Omniverse. You will see how the brain is literally pre-programmed to mimic the universe, creating a microcosm of consciousness that allows you to perceive identity and free will – the very things that make us yearn to live and love and thrive on knowledge. My first book will introduce the Omniverse. My second will explore the depths of consciousness created by this and ultimately answer what it means to us. Go to GrandSlamTheory.com for more info and a FREE white paper about the Omniverse. Follow Omniverse at facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory.


Peace, love, and knowledge!


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