Unleash the Goddess Within

This is for you. The wild woman. The feminist. The hippie. The business woman. The entrepreneur. The strong empowered woman. You are on the right path. Everything you have ever been through to get you to where you are right here and now has happened completely on purpose. That purpose is discovery. There's more to you still. And I honor every bit of who you are and who you are becoming!

This is a time of awakening. Women everywhere are breaking free of the shackles of the past and speaking out about their experiences, helping even more going through their own processes. Even men are waking up and helping. And together, we all come to a higher sense of purpose in this way. Having been through my own change and transformation, I found my passion in uplifting women in this way. But for me it has been a very rocky road. I have always had progressive views for relationships—definitely not the traditional man. I like to cook and clean for my loved one. I like to be romantic, and do do everything needed for the highest and best health and nutrition. I like to prepare a holistic healing bath every now and then... And I listen. I don't always try to fix things, but I will listen to you. And most importantly, I always encourage and empower! But watch out for the rest of what I'm about to say.



I am a man that changes on his own. Naturally. Try to change me, and I lash out like an angry child (in the past). The mindset of women that wants to change the man in their life is typically coming from a place of lack and is not in alignment with who you really are. I know who you really are! And if what you are putting out isn't exactly in alignment, watch out because I'm gonna reflect that shit back. No, I'm not caring about how I do it and I don't soften it at all. It's not even intentional on my part, in the past, but I found that it serves a higher purpose for both of us. You see, we're just gonna keep doing this until we realize there's more. And YES there is so much more! So right now in this brand new moment I invite you to get up and shake this off. Those days are passed... That's why it's called the past. This is the new now.

We have emerged, either together in some way or separately, from this past. You see, the darkness had to be seen in order for you to realize that you are the light to shine through. That is why I'm here: to witness your awesome divine spark! So let it shine. Be everything you are supposed to be in the path of your divine enlightenment! When every energy center of your body all shine together in a beautiful synchronystic alignment, notice how the light on the very top of your head begins to open like a thousand-petal lotus flower. Yes, you are emerging! You are something very special. We are all divine energy with masculine and feminine aspects, but let me tell you how powerful the divine feminine is within you... Better yet, let me show you by seeing through my eyes!


Our universe started with a Big Bang—an infinite expansion of space and transmutation of energy. Every bit of this energy goes into every single particle that makes you and I. But when I look into your divine feminine energy, there's more energy. More beauty. More life. You are the force that prolongs and gives life. And most people may not know it yet, but that's exactly what this universe needs to be born via the Big Bang. The divine feminine is the energy that incubates the seed before the beginning. This is the Omniverse, literally all that is. It is the creator of the energy pod that becomes the Big Bang and the nurturing energy that holds it tight until the time is just right. Maternal energy is the flow of creation. The divine feminine that I see when I look at you is a full embodiment of these energies of creation. Life. Qi. Prana.

When you see beyond even souls into the unlimited river of the flowing energy of all things and see women in such a way, let me tell you how incredibly beautiful this is! This is what I see when women are empowered. This is what I see when women are loved and cared for. It brings about even more of the natural flow of omniversal life force. That is the divine feminine I see in you. So now I invite you to fully come into your power.

You are many things to this world. And there are feminine archetypes that help every aspect of bringing about even more divine feminine energy into every aspect of your life. And it feels good knowing that you have all of this power at your fingertips, doesn't it. So in this brand new moment, I invite you to fully explore and embody this love. Love yourself as much as I love you, knowing that I am a universal being too. This isn't meant for anything in particular, but a shout-out to the most powerful women's groups facilitating empowering feminine embodiment and transformation. Self Care is Sacred. One Woman Effect. The Way of the Priestess. Do it Girl. Girish. Niurka and her amazing Goddess Garden (seriously, attend this—you will not regret)! I love you all!


It is in my honoring of the divine feminine within that has become devotion to myself and empowering those around me for the highest and best good of humanity, the planet, the universe, and the Omniverse. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

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