It all started in the ground, just beneath the surface. Roots firmly placed in the rich soil began to uptake only the nutrients just right for its growth. All of the conditions were perfect. Soon, it emerged into the light to prosper and grow, firmly attached to its roots as they continually fed its nutrient-rich stream of life enriching water. As the sunlight gently caressed its surface, it began to harness the energy of an abundant source of pure light and love. It grew and flourished, creating energy from its surroundings. Its reality was created by its own ability to harness the light and nutrients from the abundance that was its consciousness. And soon, it began to produce seeds to continue this process. It produced kernels of itself so they may grown and be just like it.

But something happened. The kernels weren’t ready yet when they were separated from the source. The plant knew that this was exactly what was supposed to happen though. For we do not all go through the same path to reach our highest consciousness. There was something else in store for these kernels of itself. And these were destined for even more of the light and the love. But first, they had to go through hell. The stream of nutrients and water was ruptured. The kernels shriveled without the life-enriching influx of water. Things seemed bleak, but they did not question why this was happening. It was simply part of the process they were going through. Trust the process.

Once dry and lifeless, the kernels were separated. Each became isolated, cut off from the world around it. They had no eyes. They had no feet on the ground to stand on. But they had consciousness—the same exact consciousness that fed the plant they came from exists in each kernel, no matter how isolated it was. And in a final test, the dried out kernels were thrown in the fire. Boiled in hot oil. And that’s when something magical happened. They popped! They became conscious food for thought and were integrated into another form of being.


We have this choice in our lifetimes. We take the easy road and nothing ever changes. We grow to a certain point and repeat the process. Or we put ourselves through a different process that some may think is hell and emerge completely changed. Once our kernel has transformed and stretched into its new dimensions, it can never go back to its old way of being. It pops. And this is what many of us are going through right now. If you found my page, chances are you have popped and are learning to come to terms with the new dimensions of life and consciousness.

This is what happens in our minds as we transcend old behaviors. When we let the emotions naturally and effortlessly flow, the present moment no longer feels like it once did when we were deprived or isolated. It simply had to be in order to be right where we are, and that the perfect place to be. And knowing this feels good, doesn’t it? When you allow the subconscious to 1) show you the feelings and emotions associated with the past event, and 2) acknowledge the energy as it flows through no matter how much you think it hurts, the energy becomes the fire fueling your own conscious uprising, and then POP! You become someone new. Your DNA may be the same, and you recognize the consciousness as one still, but what you have become is a new source into a new way of being. And as you fully integrate your expanded awareness, every cell of your body becomes fueled by this transformative process.

Is it possible that our awakening will take place on so many levels that every cell of the body becomes even more aware of the beautiful power of the entire universe within, manifesting itself exponentially through every subatomic part of each cell? This isn’t just awakening—this is the uprising. Your vibration rises to higher frequencies as you tune to even more dimensions of time and space. And for what purpose? To see even more beauty in the nature of things and love everything unconditionally. The God/Christ/Buddha consciousness is that which is rising in and through you right here right now! YOU are the second coming! When you recognize this full power within you, you become the kernel, the fire, and the transformation. Every cell in your body POPs into new dimensions of one consciousness.

Now you are ready to begin living again. What will you do this time? Will you develop even more intuition? Will you effortlessly guide yourself to follow a path of divine inspiration, serving others and helping them through their transformation? This is our evolution, and it starts with you. Join the uprising! Your infinite love, light, and awesome power are greatly appreciated! So let’s start that fire and get popping!


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