Validation for the Omniverse


I have some pretty big ideas about how the universe came to be.  I often wonder if anyone else thinks like me.  As it turns out, there are many!  I am very thankful to all of my followers on,, andTwitter.  If you haven’t yet, please follow for updates.  But this week’s news brings validation to my proposal entitled Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  There are others like me who question our existence and laws of physics.  These people questioned the very notion of the creation of the universe – the Big Bang – and what happened before the Big Bang.  That is what my upcoming book is about.

Before my book is even out, similar work was featured in the news at and, and even shared to nearly 7 million fans of I Fucking Love Science.  As stated in nature’s article, “The standard Big Bang model tells us that the Universe exploded out of an infinitely dense point, or singularity. But nobody knows what would have triggered this outburst: the known laws of physics cannot tell us what happened at that moment.”  This is why I wrote a book about it.  And it gets even better!

The proposal being reported by Pourhasan, R., Afshordi, N. & Mann, R. B. (Preprint, 2013) is based off of a 2000 paper by a team including Gia Dvali, a physicist now at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich, Germany (Phys. Lett. B 485, 208–214).  In this proposal, they used branes to describe how the universe could have formed from the collapse of a 4-dimensional star into a massive black hole, resulting in the Inflationary Big Bang.

In my proposal, I used Sir Roger Penrose’s postulated white hole to describe a similar scenario, falling short of calculating branes.  I wrote that the source that produced the singularity provided two fields (or branes) which allowed the Inflationary Big Bang to occur.  Moreover, I found that expansion of the universe actually occurs on a 2-dimensional event horizon of the source (the theoretical white hole).  Our universe is actually a holographic projection from this 2-D surface!

Now, this new study proposing a 4-D black hole has strikingly similar implications, which I think help to validate my own proposal.  What the model by Pourhasan et al. says is when the 4-D star blows apart, the leftover material would create a 3-D brane surrounding a 3-D event horizon, and then expand.  Although much more technical than my work, their proposal has effectively described the scenario in a very similar way!

So, before I have my book published, we are now seeing other scientists asking the same questions about what happened before the Big Bang.  Stephen Hawking stated that events before the Bg Bang would have no consequences to what happens afterward, due to the fact that time starts at the Big Bang.  I challenged this assumption and now have found validation that other scientists are doing the same.  My work will be released near the holidays this year and will turn the world upside-down in terms of what we know about creation, but without the complex mathematics you will find in the physics publications.  I look forward to working with other scientists to expand on my ideas, and I am thankful to see it already happening independently (I also wrote about this phenomenon in my book)!  This means I am on the right path.  Thank you, universe!

For more book news, please follow Omniverse on facebook ( or go to to download the white paper on the Omniverse.  Pictured below is a representation of the timeline of the universe over 13.7 billion years, from the Big Bang, through the cosmic dark ages and formation of the first stars, to the expansion in the universe that followed. Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team.


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