Venture Forth

This is a call to join the revolution of new science—to be on the cutting edge of thoughtnology. How can we better empower ourselves to break free of the mold cast by the past up until this point in the present moment? It's one thing to learn the science of things, yet a whole new adventure if one can move beyond the protocols and visualize the next step or the big picture. Better yet, this is a process we can be guided through. Imagine being able to see something—anything—and just look deeply into the meaning, experiencing even greater love and a wealth of knowledge. Here's a little secret: you just learned the process.

Just imagine...



Imagine what we can do to further our knowledge, now that in this present moment we are able to decode the mystic knowledge of everything with love and an open mind. That's why we need you! You are like-minded, yet completely original. You have your own independent channel to the divine. Your thought is like no others'. And we have ideas, yes? We all dream! And then we learn that reality is but a dream. A very beautiful one 🙂

What I'm talking about goes beyond writing the papers to publish in peer-reviewed journals or seeking grant money to fund research. I'm talking about doing your own research. Find your own meaning to things. Because that's when we truly understand things by recognizing our own map. Then we recognize how others' maps are wired different. We honor their maps, improving communication and facilitating breakthroughs! It's time to make ideas happen right here right now, knowing that this is a brand new moment like none other. 

I'm thrilled to be able to talk about the Omniverse and what it really means to us. It's not just about the events before the Big Bang (which apparently is still a highly controversial subject these days—I mean, it's like they really don't know yet that time is part of the illusion too). It's about how everything comes back together to make you YOU! Knowledge is the original self-empowerment! So why are we locking it up in the halls of academia and paywalled journals? We gotta shake things up! 

To be completely and authentically present with utmost honesty, I really don't care what 'labels' people choose to give me for publishing my book that challenges one of the long-held scientific beliefs put forth by Steven Hawking. He believes that because time starts at the very beginning of the Big Bang, there is no way to determine what happened before, and he goes further to say that what happened would have no consequence on events after the Big Bang. We can't get over the past by ignoring it! As it turns out, time itself is MULTIDIMENSIONAL! It's just decay. That's all it is. And pre-Big Bang is something else's natural decay. Seriously, a very good deal of my research was based on Hawking's work. He's never wrong (unless he is).

Honor the Map

Remember how we can understand another's map, aligning our highest intentions for better communication? Let's look into this... First, Hawking knows a lot he doesn't tell. He appears to have a disbelief (which is still a belief), but often times he's hinted at views that (in my mind) seemed to fit my visualization of the power of all that is within each and every one of us. Second, his approach of ignoring the part before the Big Bang is more a relic of past ways of thinking. It's like saying "this is as far as we're going right now." But every little advancement takes us into new thought. Every moment is brand new and brings with it a chance to discover something!

Now, let's examine this 'old' approach. Why is that line drawn? What's the highest intent? I know for myself, if I try to get too much information at once, my brain cannot process it efficiently enough. As communities, we are actually very similar. Beliefs in communities drive social behavior. And over time, these beliefs do change. In the old scientific approach, we think that nothing happened before the Big Bang because we can't observe what happened back then with our current technology. Enter thoughtnology! We can retrain our brains to understand why it matters. And it matters because we are constantly being bombarded by limiting beliefs of our own doing and by others. Identifying the limiting belief is step 1.

So in the past, when we used to explain our science based on our limited frame of reference, whereas now, in the light of the new thought processes, we can change the frame to comprehend the big picture and what it means to us! And doesn't it feel incredible to know that all this power is within, as we fully integrate the knowledge in every cell of our being and every grain of our existence? Awwww yea... All we have to do is find the program in our mind that fires off with 'it doesn't matter' and replace with 'it matters!' We can literally flip that limiting belief that was wired up in neural pathways from the past. And NOW, in this brand new moment, new neurons are popping into place to create new pathways of beautiful, juicy, delicious information. It just feels so good, doesn't it? 

And when we look to the past just one last time to experience how we used to think about the universe and ourselves, we find that this old program is no longer there. Now we have a question mark. Now we're curious! And curiosity precedes discovery. Ready to discover yourself in the process? NOW, in this brand new moment and in the light of our brand new expanded awareness, we see that before the Big Bang does matter because it is the path to ascension the universe took just to get to the beginning! And that's something many of us have or will go through in our lives!

Thank you! It is done. It is done. It is done.



KNOWLEDGE is the original self-empowerment

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