What does universe mean?  Everything we know and all of the physical laws relate to one universe.  Does that mean it is everything?  Just like in the past, what we think is everything is subject to change.  We used to think the Earth was flat and the solar system revolved around us.  That was our universe.  Now we have a much bigger picture, but we know the universe is finite in size.  Yet, based on observations, there is a point of no return at the edge of the observable universe.  Sound familiar?  We thought the same thing when the Earth was flat!  If you sailed over the horizon, you fell of the edge of the world.


This image shows us at the center of the observable universe, and the edge, or point of no return.

Is there more to the universe?  You bet!  Modern quantum physicists have predicted a multiverse filled with parallel universes, each with different outcomes of the sum of probabilities of ours.  The multiverse is our universe in a quantum system.

Wait until you see the next concept.  Our universe and all of its parallel universes are still part of a finite system – but at the same time, part of something bigger.  Think of the universe as an innerverse.  Everything surrounding the innerverse is the outerverse.  This is where our universe is born as a singularity.  The innerverse is this singularity.  This is the Inflationary Big Bang and all the laws of physics that we know.

What is the outerverse?  This is a new realm yet to be discovered.  Since we know our universe is finite, it allows us to question what its surroundings are.  Is it nothing at all?  Or, is it everything?  The outerverse contains a source object that produces singularities – multiple multiverses.  It has different laws of physics that stabilize singularities, but when they exchange energy, each singularity has the potential to make a Big Bang, producing a universe and a multiverse.

When we look at the innerverse and the outerverse, this is the Omniverse.  There is no such thing as nothing.  The outerverse contains the building blocks.  The innerverse contains everything in our universe.  The Omniverse contains it all!

This new paradigm is explored in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  I compare the universe to a baseball, and the Omniverse to a baseball park, parking lot, and surrounding areas.

Here’s a sneak preview to one of my findings – the event horizon at the edge of our universe isn’t really what it seems.  Due to the expansion along large extra dimensions, the universe’s exponential expansion is actually a lensing effect.  Dark energy, the mysterious energy that causes expansion, is energy from outside our universe applied inside in its higher dimensions.  This results in smooth, even expansion along a curved surface – one that gives the illusion that we can fall of the edge, like when we believed the Earth was flat.

Everything we know about our universe (the innerverse) is about to change!  Change your perspective, change your universe.

image: a simple diagram explaining the mechanism of the Omniverse, which produces a singularity that becomes our universe when the Big Bang starts.


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