Wandering Mind


When we hear the term mind, what do we think of? Most of my life, I associated mind with the physical brain. But what if there were more to the mind? Could it be a nonphysical extension of the neurobiological processes running inside? Quantum computations taking place in the energetic fields surrounding our physical bodies? What if the mind is simply a field of thought?

Let’s think about that. What is thought? It is not physical, yet it affects the physical. It creates perceptions with stimuli from the physical. That creates our world. Our reality. But is thought tangible? Can it even be proven to exist? It might be as difficult as proving the existence of the soul, or even God. Maybe they are all one-and-the-same. But here’s the real question: If the mind, the energetic field of thought, is not physical, can it be tied down to a specific locality? Hmmmm…

Herein lies the real purpose of ego, the sense of self. Our consciousness is a unique stream of information from this field that gives each of us a unique identity. With this identity the ego associates our individual frequency with the biomolecular stimuli in the physical body and brain. Viola! We can morph from a quantum computing energetic field into a localized biomolecular machine in order to experience perception. How cool is that? And it gets even better…

We can practice our powers, knowing that the mind is more than it’s perceived locality. Let’s expand our minds! And remember, a mind stretched to new dimensions will not return to the way it once was! To do this exercise, we are going to visualize using the mind’s eye, or third eye chakra. It is an energetic center of the body located just above the point in between the eyebrows. Your eyes can be open or closed. You can be lying down, sitting, or even walking.

Let’s think of a place… Paris, France. Imagine being there. What do you see? Buildings? Landmarks? People? Nature? Explore your vision further. Go into more detail in what you see. Let the image become crisper, sharper. Let colors be more vivid. Let the sounds completely surround you. Imagine your sense of touch as you feel everything even more.

Now view your scenario with senses even more alive, as if you were there. View through the eyes of yourself standing right where you are envisioning. Look around from side to side, up, and down. Notice everything in this image. You ARE there right now. Anytime you are ready, you can come back to where your body is our explore the capabilities of the mind even more. The mind can take us anywhere we want to go. As an energetic field, the mind cannot be limited to a specific area – our perception creates this illusion simply for the purpose of individuality. We are every quantum possibility of time and distance focusing on a point in space and time. The mind bridges the biophysical and the physical.

“Life is a walking meditation.”
– Niurka

Example #2: The mind materializes. Think of a question. It is said that simply asking a question creates space for the universe to answer. Let the answer come to you. Trust your gut. It is your intuition. There are no right our wrong answers, just imagine the answer flowing through you. Trust the process. Did your mind have an answer to your question? Did it create more questions? This is how the mind materializes something from the Field. When information becomes hard-wired in our brain through new neural pathways, the mind is creating something physical from the nonphysical. The mind materializes the answer.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

The true beauty of the universe is beyond the perception, beyond the mind, and from the eyes of creation itself.

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