Want to Be the Best Version of Yourself? Try These 7 Universe Hacks

What if you could just show up as the most authentic version of yourself everywhere you go? Who would you become if you fully embraced your power each and every brand new moment? What if I told you that it’s not hard at all? It’s possible. Just set the intention and work on yourself a little bit each day. You’ll grow. You’ll glow. You’ll flow. Here’s how…

1) Trust your gut

Your gut won’t lead you astray. It’s a very powerful energy center in the body. It’s your intuition. And much more. it’s your health. And one of your body’s main brain systems.

Yes, you read that right. There’s a complete network of neurons in your gut, separate from your central nervous system. It links you to the organisms that help you digest your food. 90% of your body’s DNA is comprised of these organisms. They’re all working for you. And your gut brain links you to them to coordinate your body’s health needs.

And really, it’s just as simple as listening to your body. Feel the way you feel when you desire something. Or when you get a bad feeling about a place or person. Your body communicates with you about everything. That’s what intuition is. Supporting gut health increases your intuitive capabilities. Trusting your gut simply allows this process to run. And it does. Automatically. So trust that your body is working for the greater good. Because it is.

2) Be true to yourself and others

Be honest with yourself. Be honest with others. It takes way less energy than the other approach. And it raises your frequency.

You don’t have to justify yourself or your actions because you know it is of the highest intention. If you do find yourself justifying, then it’s time to evaluate if you are being honest with yourself. If you catch any lower vibrations, simply come back into this state. Be open and honest.

3) Forgive. Forgive. Forgive

Shit happens. But you don’t have to dwell on it. There’s a highest intent of every action. Be compassionate and kind towards others and you’ll see it’s there.

Maybe they don’t know the best way to put themselves forward to get to the highest intent, and maybe they hurt you or someone else in the process. Forgive them anyway. It’ll give you inner peace, and it doesn’t justify their actions or get them off the hook for anything they did.

Forgiveness frees you from the circumstances. It takes you out of victim mode. It allows you to be in control of your emotions and responses. It liberates your soul. And forgiveness aligns you with even more of the highest and best opportunities the universe has in store for you.

If forgiving someone is that powerful, imagine what forgiving yourself could do. If something happened in the past that resulted in you being hurt, then there’s something you attracted. Forgive yourself to transcend that karma. Forgive yourself to accept yourself as you are, to accept the universe as it is, and to allow the flow to gently guide you. Align and flow.

4) Release attachments and expectations

It’s ok to have attachments to people or things. How else would you let go of attachments if you didn’t have any? Just release that shit and let go.

Letting go doesn’t mean that you give all your stuff away. You just release the emotional charge so it doesn’t control you, and that allows you to respond rather than react.

And expectations narrow your possibilities when you focus only on what you expect. It sets you up for disappointment when things don’t go the way you expected them to. Keep doing that and you’ll suffer. You might be depressed. You might think things happen to you. They don’t.

Things happen for you. For you to open up and see infinite possibilities are available to you right here and now! Release expectations and see the universe open up, offering you even more possibilities of your life every single brand new moment.

5) Be Love

Love freely. Love unconditionally. Love yourself. Want to liberate your soul so much so that you’ll align yourself even more with the highest and best possibilities? Love is the answer.

Being loving opens up the universe for you. It widens the channels of your flow. It creates a more powerful you able to manifest everything your heart desires. So love freely. The universe wants to match your vibration.

Love unconditionally to always be the best version of yourself. Love the circumstances and the challenges and lessons they present. Love the people in your life. All of them. And most importantly, love yourself.

Everything you think is a flaw is very likely to be exactly what someone loves most about you. Take anything you’re self-critical of, and give it more of your love. It’s ok because love is an infinite source. It is always ever-present. Yes, always. Love is everywhere across all time and space. Love is the very foundation of the universe and the law of attraction.

And that’s what’s expressed in every single grain of your existence. You are love. And you are loved.

6) Be available. Belong

Being available amplifies your highest and best flow state. It simply means you are open to the infinite possibilities and unlimited opportunities surrounding you right here and now. Everything’s present. You don’t exist in the past or future. You’re right here, right now. It can be no other way.

Be available to the highest version of you coming forth into the now, every single brand new moment. Because that gives you the opportunity to be of service. To make this planet better. To make yourself better then you every have been.

And being of service gives you a sense of belonging. You belong to a greater purpose. And most importantly, you belong to every beautiful soul you come in contact with. You serve their greater good as you do yours.

Say the words ‘I belong to you,’ and notice how it raises your vibration. Belonging is even more powerful than ‘I AM,’ which codes possibilities into your identity. You can be what you want to be. And you can belong to something greater, pulling you in the direction toward even more awesomeness.

Now you’ve created community. So much more powerful than the affirmations of your identity. Be in service of the greater good. That’s how the universe calls you to action and creates opportunity.

And really, you are the universe. You are infinite. So why not be available to infinite possibilities? You create opportunities for yourself in every aspect of your life simply by showing up. And everything is reflected back to you this way. Every beautiful soul you encounter. Every challenge. And every opportunity. It’s all for your growth and evolution.

7) Receive

Accept everything as is. Focus on your opportunities. Be prepared to receive. Because you’re opening the floodgates. Being open allows you to see more than ever before. More opportunities. More love. More everything.

It’s all for you. So get ready to receive more of that juicy good stuff.

Everything you’ve done had been to align you with the possibilities perfect for where you are right now. You can flow more and see more, giving you better choices and ways to receive.

What is it you desire? Just show up as your best self and you’re ready to receive.

And what is it to receive? It’s your natural flow state. Energy wants to move. The universe wants to give you energy based on your frequency. Accept all of the good that comes to you. That’s honoring the flow, baby.

And that’s how the universe experiences herself through you. The highest and best version of you brings out the best the universe has to offer. Accept what is. Receive. You’ll see that success has less to do with effort and more about being open to receiving.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done


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