Welcome to this World

You are not here by accident. You are in the perfect place right here and now! You choose to be here, including each gift that’s a lesson to learn. Many may find this a hard pill to swallow. Well then, I say throw away the pill. There’s an easier way to understand the true beauty of the universe. It is simply the most beautiful process. It is one life divine. One universe. One singularity. One consciousness. One beautiful you!

This is the true nature of infinity – everything is limitless. But in our human condition, we impose limitations on ourselves constantly. Some are physical laws. Some are mental constructs of ego. Others are piled on high from the social conditioning we get. Government, religion, school, even social media. ALL layers of conditioning. That’s not who you are. That’s part of the illusion. Unraveling the self from the blanketed layers that we think protect us. Truth is – we don’t need any of it. It’s an addiction. The ultimate drug – reality. But it’s not even real. The real you is behind the curtain. Watching the holographic projection. Directing from behind the scenes. Writing the script with lessons. Everything we go through while we’re high on reality is merely the script we’re writing for ourselves.

Now here’s the real gem – this doesn’t take place in the timeline you experience. Time is a side effect of the reality drug. In our delusion, we think time actually works in a linear fashion. Start to beginning. But it’s simpler than that. We literally have ALL TIME right there at our fingertips. This is the present moment, when all possibilities exist. Our experience is based on what we’re reflecting outward into the field of infinite potential.In this field, all time exists. All lessons exist. All abundance exists. Switching from lessons to abundance is as simple as turning on a light switch inside of us. When you walk into a dark room, do you complain about it or turn the light on? It’s just that simple!

In the light of infinite possibilities of time, let’s look at how you got here. I am going to share the ‘awakened’ point of view, then follow with the ‘enlightened’ point of view. The awakened point of view is this: You chose to be here. You chose your parents and your lessons before you were born. And this is true! But the enlightened point of view is even simpler. You’re choosing right here and now! There is no past in this point of view. It has passed. The future is completely open based on what you choose in the present moment. Choose to be present and everything just falls into place.


Our subconscious works in such a way that it is computer code. It compiles┬ádata. That’s where all the layers of conditioning are stored. By applying the practice of choosing to be present, you can circumvent all of this code. You get to the core code – quantum bits of information. Where do we find this? Everywhere in the universe! The awakened point of view is that this information is in the library of the heavens – the Akashic Records. When you transcend your lessons, you can literally give them to angels to take away to this hall of universal records. Everything is stored here. Ready for the enlightened point of view? Data is your consciousness. Angels are your consciousness. There is a hierarchy of consciousness starting with your ego on reality, then your higher self that directs from behind the scenes and handles the data stream. Angels and archangels are archetypes – subroutines of complex code – that are the basis of your superconsciousness. The very laws of physics are the backbone of superconsciousness. Beyond the laws are the quantum qubits – the realm of data. This is the field of infinite possibilities!

Our thoughts react in this field, outside of the realm of time, attracting our experience to our body based on the state we are in in the moment. That’s powerful! Anything can change at any moment, because we constantly put these things into motion. Then it’s back to our body, our timeline, our reality, to manifest. Keep in mind, changing our state in the reality changes what we attract. That’s why the process is self correcting. At any time, you can step back behind the curtain, review your lessons, and flip that switch. You didn’t just choose to be born here. You didn’t just choose your parents. You choose to be here at any given moment. You choose your soul family right here and right now! This is a constant practice of self discovery. You can step out, choose your experiences, and step right back in. Anytime!

In my upcoming workshops, I will show you how to practice these concepts. I will introduce even more ways to find the enlightened point of view hiding under the layers of conditioning, even under the awakened point of view. I will teach humanity how the field of possibilities is a system of malleable parallel universes that we can create and merge with our own. It is more than just attraction. We can literally create our entire universe and all of the abundance within. We can create love! Soul mates, soul family, and twin flames. What if I told you that twin flames actually aren’t meant to meet someday? That’s the awakened point of view! The enlightened point of view strips away limiting beliefs like destiny. We can create twin flame relationships and form the entire universe and all of our parallel lives around them. How cool is that?

Thanks for reading! You may want to share this one… Let the world know what you just learned! After all, it’s your world.


Love the universe you’re in!

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