What Does the Future Hold for Us?

I just read a post saying that the Earth’s population may rise to 11 billion people by year 2100 (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/06/130613111942.htm).  In a typical U.S. media fashion, they play the lack and limitation card, making the reader fear this possible future.  Apparently, we need to change our policies to account for increasing population. 

Will we even need the current policies?  If the population increases, what does it really mean for our grandchildren?  Along with population increase, there are two other key players: global mean temperatures and technology.  I know what you’re thinking – temperature increases are bad.  I am going to change your mind, 

If global temperatures increase by 1 or 2 percent within the same time frame, we will lose some coastal real estate – bad for property owners of beach property, but good for coastal shelves.  This means there is more shallow ocean, where oxygen-bearing plant life thrives.  And more plant-eating fish will thrive as well.  Early humans were adapted to live off of ocean plants and vegetation.  In fact, our digestive systems haven’t changed.  So the world would be evolving to feed the increasing population! 

And what about decreasing real estate for the land dwellers?  A warmer planet could mean increasing tropical areas and even a habitable Antarctica.  An entire continent could be populated, bringing even more real estate for the growing population of humans by 2100.  Add the increased vegetation from growing oceanic shelf space and tropical zones, and food becomes plentiful. The moral of the story: don’t worry! Worry is like paying interest on debt you haven’t accrued yet!  Our world adapts as we do. 

Peace, love, and knowledge

-the Omniverse


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