What Happens When We Die? 

It's an age-old question: Is there life after death? The answer may surprise you. A team of scientists recently explored the phenomena of near death experiences, published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. And they found that people do experience unusual memory events near death. 

People with near death experiences reported having their "life review." In some religions, this process is known as "judgment day." Events from throughout people's lives flashed in front of their eyes. But the way people reported is most interesting: There was no timeline of events. And perceptual positions varied as they experienced their own lives through the eyes of others.

The truth is that these are higher senses you're already capable of experiencing.

Aside from the 5 senses you all know and love, the human brain has other senses: spatial awareness; the ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause memories; and the ability to shift perceptual positions. Yep, you have 8 senses! So yes, you can float above yourself in consciousness, you can review your life experiences, and you can view through another's eyes. The possibilities are infinite. 

Know that you are more than your body. 

You are composed of physical elements, yes. But what are they? Every element has its components, and each of them are an underlying energy. You are a being of energy! And how each bit of energy is expressed is information. Information cannot be destroyed. This is physical law. And a great source of controversy in science for decades...

The black hole information paradox arose when great minds like Steven Hawking attempted to solve whether a black hole destroys the information of matter it consumes or preserves it somehow. Hawking found that information is preserved, ending decades of arguments! 

That means that your information is preserved even after you are gone. 

The fact is, people that claim that there's nothing after death "based on science" are actually wrong. We just have to transcend our own limiting beliefs in order to see further! And stepping out of first person perceptual position will do just that.

What does this mean for all of us right here and now? It means you can go into any perceptual position for the highest and best purposes of your own self development. It means you can review your experiences in the now, letting go of the past as you gather the lessons. And it means that you can finally relax and enjoy the rest of this movie you're watching called your life!

The metaphor of the black hole is especially interesting, because it offers us new ways to perceive. If you were to descend into one, you'd actually be able to see yourself from above because of the speed of the photons moving ahead of you! And that's just scratching the surface...

We live on the surface of a singularity. 

It's not that far-fetched to see ourselves from this position. We're on the event horizon, not of a black hole, but a white hole. It breathes life rather than sucking matter. And from our vantage point, we actually get to simulationsly witness and create a projection. Like we're directing and watching our own movie. That movie is your universe. And you write the script! 

Anything is possible on this movie screen. And the best part is that you have the technology in your consciousness to float into the screen, creating your timeline, and seeing it through your own eyes! 

You will see what you believe because you are creating the rules in your own awareness. You can make em and break em. You can hack the system. You can upgrade your awareness as you tap further into the consciousness of who you really are. And from this vantage point, now you can see how the unlimited possibilities play out in your life, yes? 

You can place anything into your screen to help you. Higher consciousness beings like angels. Loved ones that have transcended. These are programming in your movie, and you have access to perceive these at any time in your movie! Now this brings into light a new scientific explanation for perceiving spirits and angels. And that's good to know, isn't it? 

So wouldn't you benefit even more right now by letting go of old beliefs and behaviors as you embrace the guidance that will help you in this movie called life? Can't you just see yourself putting them everywhere on your movie screen to help and protect you? 

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reference: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.concog.2016.10.011

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