What Happens When We Empower Each Other

This is for the wild woman and the conscious man. This is about the connection in the purest essence, when two of us get together. This is the truest expression of the power within and the courage to bring it forth in one another. And yes, it takes courage, because to bring forth this raw power we will have been tested many times. Those who know, know that it isn't just about surviving the wildness of the raw, gritty, dirty love, complete with all of its complexities. It's about thriving in these conditions, like life does in the harshest conditions everywhere in the universe. And it's about changing the conditions as we grow with one another, just as life evolves in the best conditions like right here and now in this Heaven on Earth.


There's a secret some have together. It's called not giving your power away. You can give your fears away though. You can give your worries away. Because conscious partners heal each others' energies. And first, you will empower yourself. Lesson #1. This means love yourself in the highest way possible. If you have to take time to yourself, then take as much time as you need! I have seen people jump from one relationship to another just to be in a relationship. This fear becomes a projection. It is a message to the subconscious that allows the mind to focus on only the possibilities that match that vibration. This means people can and do attract more of the same. And they'll probably ask why all wo/men are the same, or why they get treated the same. But not you! Not here! Not now! Because you know how important it is to look into your own psyche, knowing that everything that has happened in the past up until now is a reflection of the self that was projected outwards. And projecting inward now moving forward, you put the best version of yourself in the reflection. And you attract based on this highest vibration!

That's probably the only lesson I need to say about this. Loving yourself brings out the best in you, and in turn you give your best to others in loving service. Random acts of kindness. Selfless acts of pure divine love. But didn't I say this was about conscious partnership? What if you have done the work on yourself, and now you're ready to find someone like you? Lesson #2. Stop seeking. You gotta go back in to the self every time to embody everything that you are! There is no external love. There are only reflections of self. So put your wallet back in your pocket and stop paying those that claim they can find your soul mate or twin flame. They are feeding off of your limiting beliefs of separation and lack. Yep, there I said it!

You don't find a soul mate. You don't find a twin flame. You create them. You encounter them in their highest essence when you embody this spirit within. And in doing so, you know you're ready! Because you probably already had these encounters but couldn't handle the reflections if you weren't projecting your best. That's ok, because it takes wisdom and experience. And knowledge that these aren't once in a lifetime encounters. It's a lifetime in one encounter! It happens all the time. Every time you empower those around you, you are aligning yourself with the possibilities of the highest and best unfoldment of yous soul! You literally create portals into new parallel universes where everything your heart desires is already true! So call it forth by bringing your power up a level and giving it into empowerment.

You'll see by doing so that there are no expectations. There is no need for promises. There's no competition. There's only the highest magnanimous version of yourself empowering those you love! And when you reach this pinnacle, combining your energy with another love, you will see this power magnify itself exponentially. You are not someone's other half, and you need no one to complete you. When you empower yourself and others, love itself experiences the Big Bang within you as even more of the universe's energy flows in, through, and around you. It all here right now. All you have to do is step into your power. Open up a new universe of possibilities on your astronomical self! This is your higher calling. Now, bring it forth! Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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