What Happens When You Align These 3 Powerful Archetypes?

Success happens. End of blog. jk 😉 Looks like we'll do this from the bottom up—a very powerful way of living actually. This means you can allow energy from the root to enter your chakras (as opposed to a head-strong top-down approach). So ground yourself for this powerful lesson! Because you are going to see success GROW right here and now with this powerful alignment tool. You are going to combine three powerful archetypes into one as you see, hear, and feel it growing inside you. You will experience a new emergence! And you'll notice how your attention becomes focused on positive growth in the form of income—simply by changing your focus from the outcome. This technique was literally downloaded by my higher self just the other day and will be the platform of my first webinar series, which will be absolutely free btw.

The three archetypes are combining by way of a neurolinguistic process known as parts integration. NLP is used to adapt the brain's neuroplasticity—a process by which new neural pathways are created. Your old patterns naturally dissolve as new, positive, empowering behaviors are integrated in every cell of your being. Parts integration, as it sounds, literally takes pieces and combines them into one whole way of being. If you've ever said part of you wants this and part of you wants that, parts integration is perfect for you! And who of us have never experienced such a thing?



Part 1: Belief

Belief—aka your cloud is powerful just by itself. You create the reality we perceive with your beliefs, and each of your beliefs are just as unique as you are. Before you created this reality you dreamed it. Even in these difficult times, you have the choice every single day how you will perceive and act. This is the power of your beliefs.

Belief systems can be your spirituality, your religion, and even your politics. You choose how to serve yourself and others from this archetype. Using this archetype allows you to acces your subconscious programming. You can tap into your higher self and your angels for guidance. You can even experience God consciousness—universal love. It's all right here, right now. There are limitiations of only being inthis archetype however. If your heart is up in the cloud, how can you be even more in touch?

Part 2: Methods

There's a science to how you do everything. It's in your words, your actions, even your intentions. It's simply how you do things. Every 'how to' method you've read about goes into your methodology. This is your science! This archetype provides you with many tools, like your bullshit detector. Yea, you know it when that BS sensor is going off don't you? And it's good to know that, isn't it? Because we do get a lot of bad science we must sift through. Some belief systems distort, generalize, or all out delete good science. Your perception decides what is best for you. Science is also your key to technology. It's really about improving the way we live. And that is key. It is not only our physical bodies that evolve—not just our DNA. Our thoughts evolve. Our soul evolves. Technology helps us transcend limitations of the past.

The question to ask yourself in this archetype is, if your attention stays on your methodology, are you actually getting anything done? What's the activation mechanism?

Part 3: Goals

Goals align you in the direction you want to be moving toward. This is your business—your skill set. Goals can point you toward your life direction and purpose. And this is more than just your job, goals can be oriented towards your career, your friends and family, and even your self-owned business ventures. Goals transcend your energy into real-world results like profits in your business. Money is a form of energy and this archetype is a very powerful tool used to create a stream of flowing abundance of money. And that sounds good, doen't it?

But if you're solely focused on money, is this sustainable? How can you turn it into even more abundance that will allow you to help those around you even more?


When you start combining archetypes, your results begin to amplify exponentially. Your goals can combine with your beliefs to give you desires. Your methodology and your spirituality give you your visions—your dreams. Ask yourself how you can align even more with your desires and put this into action! Action is what you get by combining your methods with your goals. Your actions show you how to direct your energy to get results, not excuses. See how powerful it is putting these together? Cobining your goals with your beliefs shows you how to manifest your visions with clear focused action.

Each archetype compliments the other in this way! And best yet, this process creates a flow. All is one flowing abundant energy. And you see how it's all coing together, yes? Because as your energy flows, it amplifies the very core of these archetypes. And that, simply, is success. Succeess at anything your heart desires, dreams, and acts with. Better relationships. More abundant flowing money in your career and self-owned ventures. More beautiful souls you help as you grace their presence on their own path—their own walk of life. This core is the juicy center.

And while many focus on success at the outcome, what this does is to create a limited perception in between each of these archetypes. Why think so small when you have more than the universe at hand? I would invite you to consider how you view success and how it's reflected the results you've gotten in the past up until now. Most importantly, how can you make this success grow? THAT'S what's next! Stay tuned for my upcoming webinar announcements. Feel free to share and to subscribe below for email notifications.

Thank you!


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