What if Hugs Replaced Currency?

In this day and age, we are aware of many benefits of hugging. And don’t forget the fact that they feel good too! There’s a lot of science behind all of this. And that makes it really cool! 

Long hugs help release oxytocin, a beneficial hormone that regulates moods. Oxytocin acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain and plays a huge role in bonding with others. Heart hugs can help synchronize people’s fields, adding to this effect. A heart hug s simply a hug with each head toward the other’s right. When the hearts beat together, it is simply magical! This is a merging of magnetic fields that our hearts generate by circulating iron through our veins. We are more than just bodies – we are fields of thought, electromagnetic energy, and possibly much more!

What if there was a parallel version of our universe where people hugged more? This is not only possible with quantum physics, but could be very probable. This parallel reality could be very close to the probability of our universe right here right now. Can our universe be changed? You bet! In fact, we could life-hack right into that universe if we want to. We can bring it here! All we have to do to merge our reality and this parallel reality is to hug more. Win win situation, right?

If we take this idea further, there could be other parallel realities. What if realities did not involve money, but hugs instead? Want to buy something at the market? Take what you need and hug everyone you see! This parallel reality would most certainly be more peaceful than ours. Without central banks, war could be virtually non-existent! Governments and corporations might not hoard resources but instead work in a cooperative way more in tune with our own evolution. Countless studies have found that our own evolutionary past may not have been ‘survival of the fittest,’ due to how life forms cooperate in a way beneficial to all. Humans evolved into civilization in coops of hunter-gatherer and farming societies. Our oldest known city on this planet showed us this.

Gobekli Tepe, located in modern-day Turkey, could be as old as 13,000 years, making it the first known civilization. This find made us go back and rewrite how religion formed in society. We thought society came together first, then religion started. We were wrong. As evidence trumps old beliefs, we now know that this city was in fact, a religious organization. It was a place of gathering and sharing resources. Religion was their way of giving thanks for being taken care of. This archaeological find still has many mysteries though – like the lack of weapons. If this was the dawn of our society, how did we get from there to here? Is this other reality I just described a possible outcome of our own past? Oh yea!

What this means is that there is a very high probability that a parallel universe of peace and hugs is very close to the probability of our reality! And if we don’t like something about our reality, we CAN change it! We can hug! We can make society better. We can take back control and re-educate people about the true nature of the universe! And it all starts here. I will show you not only how parallel universes are real, but also how this multiverse originated before the Big Bang. You will see that the possibilities are infinite in a veritable ocean of multiple multiverses. All probabilities of our universe are real and we are not bound to be stuck in our current situation. We are designed to evolve as we become an enlightened species, no longer taking for granted the untapped talents in store. We are reality hackers and we will make this universe better!

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