What If I Told You…

What if I told you that evolution and creationism are the exact same thing? Wait a minute, what just got triggered right now? All y'all science fans just got all uptight just from the mention of the word creation, didn't you? Wanna know why? Because we all have our own deep levels of subconscious beliefs at work. These are programs in your subconsciousness. If something makes you very happy or very angry, it can be working with or against any given program. Beliefs dictate how you uptake information and store it. But the human psyche simply isn't designed to understand all of the information out there. That's why you see things the way you do. Your perception is creating your reality. And it's about to get a lot better. Because science!

You you see, creation is real! It is you creating this reality you're experiencing because you are piecing it together from the information you take in. You filter this information in such a way that your reality is unique to you! And just like how this filtration process works on your subconscious level of belief programming, there are many other layers of consciousness at work. Hold on a second, let me beat my heart a few times to stay alive another few seconds. Said no one ever! You don't have to beat your own heart consciously, but you trust that this happens automatically, yes? The universe is essentially the same. Shit just works!



I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

That part about not being able to take all of the information from infinite possibilities... that's actually a limiting belief. It sets a frame of reference to allow us to understand how we perceive reality. But by the same definition, if our existence is of infinite possibilities, then you have a level of awareness higher than what you are currently aware of. And now you're aware that it's there! You have all kinds of natural intelligence in and around you. Nature grows upon itself. This intelligence is within every one of your cells. Even down to the quantum level, all of the laws of the universe are programmed on the subatomic scale. You don't have to think about it, but you can trust that it works. The fact that you're right here right now is proof! Creation is your very nature.

Now what exactly does it take to create? You know it goes far beyond perception, for that is the beginning. It is the awakening. When you are ready to consciously create, you will be aligned with synchronistic action. Knowing that particles in space are entangled, they can be activated in such a way that you are turning on pixels of different colors to make an image. On this level, dancing qubits of energy become something beautiful. They attract to form quarks, leptons, and gluons, making protons, neutrons, electrons, and forces. Atoms form and then bond to one another to make molecules. Molecules build upon themselves in such a way that they become self-replicating machines. These machines make DNA and life. Cell walls protect this life and imprint an identity to attract more of the same identity, creating multicellular life. This is natural intelligence. And as this process repeats, life becomes more complex and intelligent. Creation is evolution. It takes billions of years, but it works.

And now, for the next trick, you will see how you can view this process, not just a snapshot in time. You see, the timeline had to be created in order for the process to work. It's another perplexing perception projection. It's how we view things. It's not how the universe actually is. Remember, infinite possibilities, yes? It is the same for time and space. To travel from point A to point B, an object takes all possible paths throughout the entire universe. You perceive the path. Time is the same. All possibilities exist, and you perceive it as time 0 to time X. With quantum physics, you perceive all possibilities all the time. So as you become dissociated from the typical point of view, seeing all possibilities of time, this change appears instant. Things materialize instantaneously. From the associated point of view, it takes billions of years.


And for the last trick, you are going to see how you are already creating. You are synchronizing through fields of infinite possibilities all the time. Literally! You navigate infinite time and space, and even universes. In doing so, you align yourself with everything you observe right here and now in this present moment. Now I invite you to think about someone you love. It could be your partner. It could be family. You have aligned yourself with them in such a way that the entire process of evolution has led to this one outcome. Just you and the one(s) you love. How did you do it? With love. It's really that simple. Love is what aligns you. Love is what all things in the universe are. Love is what you are. Love is how you create.

Thank you, It is done. It is done. It is done.



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