What if You Had a Magic Wand? 

I could tell you some stories of my own experiences as I've learned to become a beacon of divine love (not bacon ;). The question you must first ask yourself is, 'how is this going to help me in my own path of evolution?' You see, you already know the answer is within yourself. And to access your own power, you must first be open. In doing so, you are allowing new points of view to enter your conscious stream of thought, like a flowing river widening as it approaches the sea of infinity. 


The number one factor that prevents people from harnessing their own power is amazingly simple to transcend. It's fear. Fear of one's own power. What would you do with unlimited power? The only reason people might fear unlimited power is if there's incongruence within themselves. Someone might fear using power for the wrong reasons. And that leads us to discovering even more about ourselves through our own fears. 
What if the fear is showing us something? You wouldn't ever fear love, right? Because there would be no reason to fear if your powers were able to reflect pure love. If you experience fear, ask what beliefs are behind it. What purpose would there be for anything less than love? Allow these feelings to flow naturally. They are windows to your internal beliefs. Once viewed in this new light, you will see how your beliefs can change, allowing even more emotion to flow as love. Just observe yourself feeling. You'll see the difference! 

And now you can plainly see that living as love not only makes you happier, it also serves to culture your growth and evolution. 


So if I had a magic wand and could easily make things appear or disappear, what would you have me do with it? Would I have to perform some feat to prove myself and my own power? If so, ask yourself how being granted this wish serves your evolution. How would it facilitate your growth? On another level, what if I used my magic wand to create everything that you have experienced in the past up until now, including every lesson, good and bad? Do you see how much you have grown from your own experiences? Would you be right here, right now without evolving through your lesson plan? 

My only purpose is to relinquish my power. That's right, I give it away. I give you this magic wand that allows you to have the infinite power of all that is in this universe. You have the power to design your own lessons and growth. You are in control of your evolution. You are in control of your emotions. You have the power. 

In living as love, you see that the magic wand was only an illusion. The power was within all along. Truth is, each of us creates our reality. And we create together. You create lesson plans that play out as you grow and evolve throughout many lifetimes. And at any moment you ate invited to review your plan, your lessons learned, and make adjustments to the beliefs that have been driving your behavior in the past up until now. You have the power! 

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 


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