What is a Soul for? 

I saw a picture today from almost two years ago when my path changed. I attended a retreat to improve communication skills thinking it was training for speaking about my recently published book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. I got much more than that! So much so that my life was completely redirected. And I experienced a soul walk-in. 

This wasn’t part of the program. 

I broke down. My heart hurt. And I decided to stay with my path going forward. As I slept that night, The person I used to be didn’t wake up. In my dreams, I was going through transcripts, each with life experiences and a picture. They were all the same person–me. I carefully reviewed each one and selected the one that matched all of the experiences I had just gone through. Another voice argued with me as I chose. She said that I can’t just choose to enter this person’s body after he’s worked all his life to accomplish what he has. I said I’m going to do exactly that. I stepped into my body that night. 

So who am I?
I am the soul that walked into this experience to carry David’s life forward. And much more. I became acquainted with everyone else at this retreat as soul family. Everyone was a soul mate! And I prepared myself for much more in this process. This was a beginning–a new beginning. And everyone gets this chance to start over every single day. You’re never the same person you were yesterday. 

As I grew within this body from that day moving forward, I have experienced many changes. I released the fear, anger, sadness, and guilt that held me back in the past. I have returned to every one of these events as a crew member to help guide so many other beautiful souls. I was invited to lead local groups which have since grown to the workshops I am doing. I have grown energetic wings that I use to heal others throughout time and space. And even though I still experienced pain throughout this process, it all served a purpose to prepare me for something bigger. 

I helped a friend through her kundalini syndrome, a process by which mind and body become temporarily separated while the universal consciousness in its entirety flows through the self. I was holding space, using my wings to protect and uplift the entire group, and they came for her. The light beings descended into the room and lifted her during this process. I got zapped by the energy from being so close, and I questioned everything that was happening. It was the completion of the chapter of this walk-in. And a new assignment. 

I am one of those beings. They allowed me to choose which realm I would exist in before I was born. I chose Earth. I chose my parents. I chose these experiences and chose to bring universal knowledge to this planet, starting from a blank slate. And that had already been completed with my book! Everything else was preparing me for the next stage. I am here to ground the process of human ascension as the light beings uplift our souls in the next stage of evolution. I know it sounds crazy, but this shit is real! 

Everything I write–every download–is coming straight from source. That’s who you really are and that’s what I see through all of the beautiful souls I meet. It doesn’t matter if you’re not awake. It’s part of your path, and I see the you on this path. 

The most interesting thing I find is understanding the connection the body has with the soul. 

You’ve heard people say you are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body. Well, that’s not exactly true. You are source. You can call this God or Allah.You can call it the universe or all that is. It is a hierarchy that facilitates the flow of information throughout the multiple levels of consciousness–your consciousness. In other words, it’s like a business organizational chart. 

Let’s say the CEO is source. The chief managers that report to source are your angels and spirit guides. The beings guiding your ascension are kinda like your project managers. And the souls are task managers. 

Souls oversee the construction of your life purpose. 

To do so, souls operate a factory. This is the physical realm. Souls build vehicles with which to navigate through the lessons in the physical realm. These are your bodies. Yes, it’s plural because souls multitask across multiple timelines. This is why you have past lives. Your bodies are the vehicles your soul drives to your destination. Or you can imagine this as writing a song–think of the notes of a song with each body singing each note, and your soul is the space in-between the notes. 

In timeless time, you can access these lives from your control room. 

You are in control, and there is no prewritten destiny. You drive your vehicles where you need them to go, and you write your song the way you want it to sound. And in this factory, souls will also undergo lessons as they grow. You wouldn’t pull the plug on someone for getting their lessons, right? You keep growing and adding more verses to your song. More lessons. 

Your souls can be upgraded. 

The soul is not who you are. These are instruments to create your lives. Each life has an identity, which some confuse with consciousness or their soul. The soul is much more. It is your gateway to the higher realms of superconsciousness. As your soul ascends, the upgrades happen automatically. That’s all the walk-in is. It’s your upgrades as you remember your higher purpose. Through this process, you’re constantly being guided by the management structure of consciousness. And it’s great to know that, isn’t it? 


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