What is Life?

Have you ever wondered what had to happen in order for biological life to exist on our planet?  If it is possible here, is it possible elsewhere in the universe?  I bet you have wondered what the purpose of life is!  As I have found, we are one and the same with the universe – life is a process inherent within the system.  And I can show you why it happens and tell you what our purpose is.

Life starts as an intelligent decision matrix.  The Big Bang starts from a singularity, so the first decision is to keep this singularity stable or not.  As discussed in my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, the singularity must first exist in a stable state before it can initiate the creation of the universe.  When it is stable, the singularity exists.  When it is not stable, the Big Bang occurs.  This decision operates without the constraints of time and space, but instead creates time and space.

As the early universe literally inflates faster than light, the decision matrix focuses on the next step: the laws of physics.  The laws set up the variables for particles and forces.  A primordial soup of gluons exists everywhere, which allow quarks to attract.  Quarks must come together in triplicate with ‘red,’ blue,’ and ‘green’ attributes combining to form ‘white,’ with gluons holding them together.  Then, spin attributes determine charges with which particles attract eachother.  Particles fall to a lower energy state as they react to the Higgs field and gain mass.  Once particles have mass, then gravity becomes an attractive force, which is balanced by the universe’s ‘dark energy,’ or everlasting expansion.  All of these decisions affect the formation of atoms.  Hydrogen and deuterium (heavy water) form into clouds of gas everywhere in the universe.  Do you see how the universe is just teeming with energies?  I was taught that space is empty.  This was wrong – space contains everything!  It s like a living being in itself that creates other life forms.

In the gas clouds, stars are born when pressures and temperatures initiate fusion, creating heavier elements.  Stars consume gas, create byproduct, and reproduce or die.  A star’s life may appear to end in a supernova but this is an important part of the process.  It can create gas clouds seeded with heavier elements.  Subsequent generations of stars fuse heavier elements.  These are the elements we are made of.  New studies have shown how the iron, central to all biological life, had formed in the early universe through this process 10 billion years ago (http://phy.so/302368526, http://phy.so/302434001, DOI: 10.1038/nature12646).  This iron could be the seed to biological life, spread throughout the early universe by the expansive force of dark energy.  So option 1 can create iron to seed life as well as create planets and solar systems orbiting the new star.  Option 2 is formation of a black hole – also a type of life form.  Black holes consume matter and create byproducts (jet streams, Hawking radiation) but have very unique ways to reproduce – by combining.  When black holes merge, they create supermassive black holes that can intelligently decide when to consume matter around them and create galaxies.  Communities of galaxies form galaxy clusters to balance gravitational forces and allow galaxies to dance together and merge – the dance of life!


The common assumption is that we (biological life on Earth) are the only life in the universe, simply because we haven’t observed it elsewhere.  But the creation of the universe, stars, planets, black holes, and galaxies are forms of life.  All of these lives are essential to the formation of biological life as we know it.  We form in the wake of supernovae.  We are literally forged of space dust created in these processes.  The iron created 10 billion years ago surges in our very own blood today.  It is essential to living, and also to creation of cellular organisms – the afterlife of stars.  So how did the first cells form?  The solar system seeded the planet(s) with water and life’s building blocks.  We have found these everywhere we look.  Now we know that comets brought enough water to Earth to fill our oceans, bringing the building blocks with it.  Another new study also found that impact craters acted as crucibles to concentrate and cook the building blocks to create life (http://phys.org/news/2013-10-paleontologist-life-theory.html#ajTabs).


And here’s where the universe’s 10 billion year old trick comes into play.  Biological life can be aerobic, anaerobic, or anoxic.  Without any oxygen, anoxic life must be able to obtain an electron donor. It has heat, water, and the necessary building blocks, but where does it find electrons?  From the sulfur in pyrite (FeS2).  This is why iron is central to biological life.  It aligns us to the magnetic field of Earth and even creates our very own magnetic field!  Iron is the life-force of the blood that flows through our veins.  It took 5 billion years for the iron to form in cellular life on Earth, and this process can be repeated anywhere where the ingredients are found.  So in essence, the universe creates life!

Now you ask, what is our purpose?  It could be to die – like the stars before us that paved the way for us to form.  We prepare ourselves for death throughout life.  We find love and reproduce, evolving the species just like the stars before us.  But we have an innate ability that separates us – to discover.  We learn, we perceive, we observe.  Our higher purpose lies in perception and thought, and the evolution of these concepts.  We gain information and we give love.  This process aligns us with the higher forms of life and allows us to create our surroundings through our perceptions.  In other words, as we learn, our understanding becomes part of our surroundings.  We are the universe’s perception division.  On the grand scale, the universe is learning about itself, and how it came to be.  This is the Omniverse – the process by which the universe was born.


My name is David Bertolacci, and I cracked the secret code of the universe.  It’s life cycle is my scientific proposal, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse.  My book, to be released this holiday season, will usher in a new era of scientific discovery.  Similar to how Einstein found that gravity is formed by downward warping of space-time, I found that dark energy, formed by regional upwarping, caused the expansion of the universe on the event horizon of the Omniverse.  Our universe is a holographic projection from this warped surface!  Picture the universe as a baseball.  The Omniverse is the ball park, stadium, parking lots, and surrounding areas.

Join me in the revolution.  In the coming months, I will be booking radio interviews, book signing events, TV shows, and talks, and in the coming years I will focus on spreading my message worldwide, working with scientists to predict, observe, and measure phenomena related to the new model – the big picture of our universe.  Follow Omniverse on fb (www.facebook.com/GrandSlamTheory), WordPress (dbert69.wordpress.com), Twitter (@GrandSlamTheory), and of course, GrandSlamTheory.com (where you can download the FREE White Paper).

Thank you for reading!

– Change your perspective, change your universe!

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